Student Article Speaks to Politicians Motivation


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Our local USA Today newspaper surprisingly published an article written by a student from the STEM School in Colorado, the sight of our country’s most recent school shooting.

It was surprising because Fischer Argosino detailed how a vigil for their hero fellow student, Kendrick Castillo was hijacked by politicians trying to further their political agendas, using their schools’ incident and the emotions of grieving students.

It struck me that this recognition was so important.  The students not only recognized that their classmate’s Student Walkout from Vigilvigil was being hijacked, but they did something about it.  They were able to recognize what politicians are capable of.  The politicians Cast aside the students grief to shift the focus on an agenda to get them elected or re-elected.  This was so revealing and illustrated that students are becoming aware and recognizing the empty words of politicians.

Many students had the courage to walk out to protest outside by lighting their cell phones. This is a sign that should give us all hope.  Our youth are not all under the hypnotic control of the politicians.  As much as they are exposed to the Left agendas in school and in the Fake News media, these students proved that their inner strength, their intuition, their self-awareness is still intact.  They were able to overcome the spell spun by the politicians.  They were able to reject what they knew was wrong, and acted in a manner they thought would make it right.

It took great courage to walk out of a vigil intended for their fellow student, friend and hero, Kendrick Castillo, to expose the politician for what they were, hijackers of an incident.  They exposed them for not being there because their friend was a hero, but because of the audience they would have, the camera, the publicity they could harness.

This event speaks volumes and we can all learn from the wisdom demonstrated by these students. Many of the students who stayed inside the vigil may regret that decision as well.  Others may be thinking about it differently than they did while attending, thanks to the article written by Fischer Argosino.  Read her full article here.

Socialism Already in the U.S.

We have Socialist MSM, Socialist educational community (due to unions), Socialist state and local government (due to unions), Socialist trades in major cities (due to unions), Socialist Hollywood (partly due to unions).  The majority of Americans reject Socialism, due to everything we see associated with socialism, communism, fascism, Nazism, but

Union Protest

Unions protest at a Party Convention.  Photo by Laurel Rosenthal            

          Americans voices are being muted by the media and all of the above.  Those on the Left are not the majority but they want us to believe they are the majority.  They can’t win at the ballot box, so they want to change ALL the rules. Look how fast and to the extent they went, to change the rules to get Obamacare passed.

Look at how easily and extensively Obama and minions told lies to sell the ideas of the ACA.  Look how Obama used the IRS to suppress conservative organizations from formation as 501(c)3, look how Obama shielded Hillary Clinton after Benghazi, shielded Eric Holder after the Fast and Furious scandal, how many lies were told to cover up those scandals.  The main stream media was helping to cover it up simply by printing everything

Citizens Protest in Venezuela

Clash with Venezuelan National Guard.   Courtesy CNN

Obama’s administration told them to.  Recall that Obama also spied on and went after journalists and tried to prosecute them, and the MSM let him!  If you were an enemy of Obama, you must be an enemy of MSM too!.  No worry about freedom of the press when they are already controlled by the Obama government.

So as the 2016 Presidential election campaign was starting up with Hillary Clinton facing Donald Trump, Obama and his staff were planning how to weaponize government resources at the FBI and CIA, to thwart Donald Trump. The DNC was more than happy to cooperate by buying “opposition research” from the Russians through a convenient connection, an FBI contractor with Fusion GPS, a British spy with a Kremlin connection, Christopher Steele, who was hired to create a dossier on Trump to ruin his campaign.  The dossier created by Steele, upon publication, once leaked to the press, got no traction with Trump supporters.  So enter the FBI.  The clandestine counterintelligence investigation of Donald Trump was launched by the FBI with the blessing of Barak Obama.  This included phone call surveillance of Trump Tower offices, and attempting to plant an FBI asset in the campaign.  The infamous FISA warrant was obtained primarily with the fake dossier.

We all recall how Jim Comey “exonerated” Hillary Clinton (not his job) due to being just so clueless that she could not have meant wrong-doing.  Obama, happy to help defeat Trump and fearless at the end of his reign, assigned his most loyal staff members to quietly help the Hillary campaign, by unmasking the names of Trump campaign staff caught on tape. The MSM and Democrats, enraged over Trump’s win needed and “insurance policy” happily provided by Comey and the FBI.  The already in-progress counterintelligence investigation was now open to daylight so they could find out if there was collusion with Russians.  We also all recall Comey was briefly kept on as FBI director after Donald Trump won the election.  Once Trump realized that Comey was a liar and a leaker, fired him and the result was a Special Counsel.

Now back to democrats “changing the rules”.  If all the above is not “Third Word” enough for you, we are now witnessing the new ways for democrats to win elections.  CHANGE THE RULES…!  Early Voting.  Election Day Registration. Fight against and attack voter ID laws. And yes, even change the constitution and eliminate the Electoral College.  WHY?, you might ask.  We know most all of the most populated cities of the U.S. are controlled by Democrats.  All these largest cities, with their large populations can hold substantial voting blocks.  But since Trump’s election, some of this democratic base is starting to erode.  Enter: Moving the goal posts!

Why have democrats long been in control of these big cities you may ask.  Corruption…!  The slogan in Chicago was “Vote early, Vote often”.  When someone dies in these big cities, their voter registration lives on.  With voter ID laws, it would be much harder to vote as one of the dead registrants.  Early voting simply gives democrats more time to change the votes.  No more hectic sessions trying to get enough votes changed, all the needed votes can be changed with a luxurious amount of time to spare.

Election Day Registration is just a democrat dream.  Imagine going from polling place to polling place and registering, giving false information, and voting each time.  One person could conceivably vote a dozen or more times, because election judges will not have staff or resources available to verify where a registrant lives.  So the vote will go in and count.  The only way an accounting for those votes would occur, would be when there was a close enough election that a recount would be required.  But if enough fraudulent votes are accomplished with this method, there will never be a close election, hence no accountability of the validity of the balloting.  The democrats dream.  So totally third world, it almost is amazing they have the nerve to suggest it.  But that’s how democrats work.  Nothing will embarrass them, they will stop at nothing.

Look how hard democrats fight against Voter ID Laws.  Wherever, a bill is introduced to initiate Voter ID, the democrats go crazy, always suggesting it will suppress the low income, minority voters.  Voter ID will only provide accountability to the process of voting and counting.   Where previously, voters could be assisted by both democrats and republicans to get their constituents registered, through registration drives, democrats want none of it with voter ID drives.   Why?  Harder to cheat.

Now we are seeing the initiative to change the constitution and eliminate the electoral college.  It is simply because the democrats lost even with all their cheating and actual advantages.  Again, since HRC won the popular vote, Trump became president by electoral votes.  They tried harassing and threatening the College delegates but could get them to change their commitment to vote, so this is what they have to resort to.  Change the rules.  It is easy to win a “rigged” election by popular vote, and more difficult to rig an election by electoral college.

Yellow Jackets Protest in France

Yellow Jacket Protests in Paris.  Courtesy of CNN

Yellow Jacket Protests in Paris.  Courtesy of CNN
We can see now how democrats will move forward on their socialist agenda once that pesky ballot and voting stuff is fully under their control.  What will be in store.  The Green New Deal? What will that bring? Bankruptcy!  Democrats will be more than happy to throw the country into complete chaos, because it will make them less accountable.  Government officials will be the only ones traveling by air, and they’ll have to do it a lot to keep at least one airline flying. Or, oh yeah, the government will take-over the airline industry and consolidate it into one big company for themselves.

All over the country, housing will be condemned at the government whim so that new, “green” housing  can be erected.  You’ll just be assigned to housing that you’ll live in, but won’t own.  Only government people will own houses. Along with the universal healthcare, (Medicare for everyone) will be those pesky death panels.  Don’t worry!  Since the government will never see the money needed to actually pay for all this, if you have a job, your taxes will go up.  AOC says she’ll pay people who don’t want to work.  Well, she won’t be able to because the economy will be crashed.  The politicians, all socialists by then, will be getting the bulk of the money.  With all the manufacturing plants closing, gasoline gone in a flash, people can’t afford public transportation to get to work where there is work. They will be living in a world run by incompetent government and be dependent on the incompetent government, be provided inferior housing and healthcare by incompetent government.  If you’ve seen incompetent government at it’s worst, just image what it will be like when the incompetents, abolish the constitution, the states, local governments and appoint their friends and family to them.

I’m sorry, I know that we all realize that the democrats are the party of fear and hate.  I don’t want to appear to be mimicking their method, that is how they stir up their base. But now that you’ve had this brief look into the future of the U.S. transformed into socialism, maybe you’ll be more aware of exactly what is at stake.  At stake is the future of the U.S. as we know it.  Don’t be afraid, don’t panic. Think straight and be reasonable and take action!

What is Happening with the Mainstream Media

The pattern repeats itself again and again.  The fake news media, aka, the mainstream media, are so ridiculously anti-Trump, it is absurd to suggest otherwise.  A recent USA Today story on the General Maddis resignation reported, “…Trump increasingly resented the idea that Mattis was viewed as the adult in the room who had to talk to foreign officials about what U.S. policy really was.” officials said.


This is only one example of “officials said”, and in other words, unnamed sources, in other words dreamt up by the writer. The hatred for Donald Trump doesn’t stop. Across the whole spectrum of the liberal media there is unbridled hatred.  Even if the quote was actually said, who was it? An official of which department? Of which party? Of which planet?

It has been pointed out ad nauseam by the conservative media, but these people in fake news really don’t seem to have a conscience. No misquoted quote is too wild, no misstated fact is too over the top. Still today, many ordinary people get their news from TV and the broadcast networks, and the local newspapers that are generally all owned by conglomerate media companies. They hear day in and day out only negative views on whatever President Trump does.  It will only work more and more in Trump’s favor as more and more voters “see” what is really going on.

Democrats Put Outrageous Lies on Full Display

It is sad and deceitful that the liberal-biased media have painted President Trump as many things, including a racist, a white supremacist, a Nazi, anti-Muslim, etc.

They just keep saying it as though it were a given fact and a great number of people, both Republican and Democrat have come to just take it as truth. Additionally, I have never seen where one individual has been dishonestly quoted and “spin” applied to cast a quote into something obviously different than what was said.

Almost every supporter of President Trump admits the President is often out of control in his Twitter storms, and he should get that under better control. But it is refreshing to finally have a Republican, a conservative, that will resort to the same devices that Democrats have resorted to for years.  Conservatives and liberals know the media, will always call out a Republican or conservative for a lie, but they nearly always let the liberals have a pass.  In fact, in recent times, they help to reinforce the lies.

In one manner, President Trump is quite like the liberals in that he will sometimes speak untruths. And just like the liberals, he has a hard time correcting his lies.  Must be something about big egos.  Apparently, all Democrats have big egos.  Remember, President Trump had been a Democrat, before switching to Republican.

So the Fake News, as President Trump refers to the liberal-biased press and cable news outlets, will avoid sighting anything positive about the president.  The economy, unemployment numbers, the war on ISIS and terrorism, MS-13 gangs, Veterans Administration improvements  and so much more is just not reported on.  So people have been turning away from the liberal biased media and to other sources like Fox News.   So the liberal-biased media has viciously attacked Fox News.  Do they think people haven’t caught on?  Proof positive, Fox’s ratings have been soaring.  When it becomes so easy to lie, the lies just get bigger and harder for sane people to believe.  This was on full display in the opening day of the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings.

Liberals are not being thrown under the bus, they are leaping under the bus.  Let’s see how this strategy works out in the mid-terms.

The State of Mental Health in the U.S.


Sadly, the subject of mental health can figure into several debates in our country right now.  Because of how the current events shape up, many debates are triggered over mental health.

Of course one of the biggest debates is gun violence.  The Washington elites will of course point to the guns and complain that if it were not so easy to get guns, then there would be less deadly gun violence.

Now should be the time that our country comes together to face the facts of mental health. 

Those on the conservative right simply state the fact that guns don’t kill people, people kill people.  An obvious conclusion and over simplification.  There are many other tragic consequences resulting from our mental health problem in the country, including bullying, stalking, sexual abuse, drug abuse to name a few.

Shutterstock                                          Courtesy of

Now should be the time that our country comes together to face the facts of mental health.  Mental health is not the answer to everything but it is an answer to a lot of things.  It has been widely known for years that our mental health system is woefully inadequate.  Let’s look no further than drug rehab.  As in so many cases, we have the issue of finances controlling the system.  Where there are precious little funds available to correctly treat addiction, to get addicts withdrawn from their chosen drug, by substituting a less addictive drug, subject the addict to group counseling and when their 30, 60 or 90 day treatment period is over, they are simply released to pretty much their own devices.

Today mental health treatment is relegated to clinics and behavioral health centers where funding is provided by Medicaid and other state funding.

If the addicts were in the court system they may have court supervision of some kind and have to check in with their court appointed supervisor.  Otherwise, they have no requirements to stay drug free.  Even those, under court supervision may not be getting drug tests to prove themselves drug free.

Other mental health issues have no better prognosis. Again the funding for mental health is woefully inadequate. Few, if any, hospitals today have facilities to treat mental health.  In 1960 congress passed the Community Mental Health Centers Act (CMHC) calling for deinstitutionalization and increased community services, authorizing construction grants for community mental health centers. This is when hospitals began getting out of the business of mental health. Today mental health treatment is relegated to clinics and behavioral health centers where funding is provided by Medicaid and other state funding.  Medicaid says they are the largest payer for mental health services in the U.S.  The best available care is only available to the wealthy.  ACA or other employer health insurers will only offer the minimum care coverage, where you’ll have treatment for perhaps ten therapeutic sessions with a psychologist or psychiatrist but once this is exhausted, you are on your own dime (until next year).

Courtesy of Photos

If you are in real mental health crisis, you’ll be referred to (or committed to) a state mental health hospital.  This is provided your behavior doesn’t land you in jail first.  A study done by the Treatment Advocacy Center and the National Sheriffs Association, point out that the criminal justice system is said to be the largest institution for the mentally ill.  However, you’ll get no treatment there for your illness.  Perhaps counseling for criminal rehabilitation, perhaps drug therapy for withdrawal from an addictive drug, or a drug to treat your diagnosed malady.

…overwhelmed with patients, inadequate care, and antiquated mental health laws that protect patient rights but not the public at large.

It is likely that all state operated mental health hospitals are in the same cash-strapped position… overwhelmed with patients, inadequate care, and antiquated state mental health laws that try to protect limited mental health patient rights, but not the public at large.   Some patients are released from facilities without family or caregiver support, by staff whose hands are tied and cannot get old laws changed or new laws passed.  Once back out on the streets, a mental health patient is able to travel at will and free to conduct himself or herself however they choose.

These (former) patients are themselves vulnerable to crime and abuse.  Some will perhaps turn to crime or become abusers themselves.  In their world of being a castaway, it may become a game of daily survival.  The strong of these may gain some control, the weak will certainly be victimized.


Courtesy of Photos

Our country now has tens of thousands of hospitals, treating millions of patients daily.  Huge trauma centers for the critically ill, injured, and burned.  The American Cancer Society reported that in 2014 the cost to treat cancer was $87.8 billion, The American Heart Association reported that the 2015 cost of cardiovascular disease cost the nation an estimated $316.6 billion in health care costs.  A report from the Surgeon General published in 2016, says the country spends $442 billion a year in dealing with drug and alcohol abuse alone.  Consider this cost when factoring in drug addiction “patients” are typically also criminals who are robbing, stealing and burglarizing to support their habit.  Besides the victims they leave behind through their crimes, they likely stress, bully, traumatize, abuse and assault friends and loved ones.  Those victims now become tomorrow’s mental health patients, suffering from mental and physical breakdowns, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

We have all been made aware of the deficiencies of the Veterans Hospitals. They are run by lying, corrupt, bureaucrats given their jobs as political favors.

Then look at what happens to our nations veterans.  We have all been made aware of the deficiencies of the Veterans Hospitals. They are often run by lying, corrupt, bureaucrats given their jobs as political favors.  It works the same at the state mental health hospitals as well.  Run by politicians rather than qualified business or medical administrators.  The veterans who have served their country, sacrificed years of their lives for us, are cast aside.

Much of course is PTSD related, but there are so many more diagnoses overlooked due to poor care being provided, or otherwise unavailable.  The Veterans Administration has cited Veteran suicides as a public health crisis, averaging 22 veteran suicides a day.  What does this tell us about our nation, about caring for our veterans, about healthcare and mental healthcare for our veterans?


Courtesy of Photos

PTSD is a mental illness.  Wounded Warriors Project states that more than 540,000 veterans have been diagnosed with PTSD.  PTSD is not limited to veterans.  First responders and others in the general population are subject to various types of shock and trauma that can result in PTSD.   The symptoms include flashbacks, nightmares, severe anxiety, depression and confusion.  Only about half of those that meet the criteria for PTSD ever consult a physician or mental health professional.

And finally, our society has in recent weeks and months been facing the realities of sexual abuse.   There are many debates voiced about what should and should not happen to the accused.  These debates are certainly needed, but first, let’s establish that the sexual abuser too, suffers from a mental health disorder.

Courtesy of Associated Press                              Courtesy of CNN

Various studies over the years indicate, abusers are often themselves, victims of sexual abuse.  It is a recognized cycle that has been cited as one cause of the seeming repetition and pervasiveness of sexual abuse.

But just as the sexual abuse may in some cases trigger the victim to become an abuser, there are other cases that emerge without that trigger.  Also we need to look at the spectrum of sexual abuse.  It takes many forms; from minor harassment to stalking; from an unwanted touch, grope or kiss to rape.  And there is still more.  There is the entire subject area of child sexual abuse, which includes incest, child pornography, and child exploitation.  Per a Psychology Today article, an estimated 20 percent of American children have been sexually molested, making pedophilia a common paraphilia.

In summary, the above discussion does not cover all mental illness, mental health disorders or related diseases.  We are only hoping to raise awareness of the pervasiveness of mental health issues throughout our society and how they are affecting society at large.

While Washington politicians are wasting billions or trillions of dollars on unneeded programs and government giveaways, simply attempting to buy votes to stay in office, taxpayers are left paying the bill. Law enforcement is put at great risk, the public at-large is put at risk, mental health centers are understaffed and strained to provide all the needed care, state mental health hospitals are understaffed and equally strained to provide needed care.  Our children are at risk it seems almost anywhere, in school, sports, community activities.

We’ve witnessed what can occur when someone who has been through the criminal justice system, and should be outlawed from purchasing a gun, but slipped through the system. We’ve witnessed what can occur when those who never were through the system have legally purchased guns when they should have been prevented doing so.  These represent the most horrendous results.

At some point, the voters have to begin holding politicians accountable for doing the job they were elected to do.  Don’t let the politicians spout blather about what’s wrong, blame the opposition party, then continue their personal agenda of garnering votes by spending your money to get themselves elected.  Actively hold them accountable.

Make your voice heard by calling your congressional representatives offices or email them.  Your voice matters. If politicians hear from you, they will understand you are motivated and will be voting.  If they don’t respond as you want, or don’t vote as you ask, then take your case to the ballot box at PRIMARY election time.  And then you must also vote in the GENERAL election.  Our great country offers us, the voters, the opportunity to influence what is important to us as voters and as taxpayers. Let us please not waste that opportunity.

How to Drain the Swamp


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Few of those who have gravitated to serve in congress actually have their constituents in mind.  Most have their largest campaign contributors in mind.  In other words, special interest.  Their foremost goal is to keep their job in congress and maybe even venture to a higher level job.

We at the C. A. Morris Institute have an objective to get term limits for congress.  It is a top priority.  The examples of party politics and special interest control we are seeing at play throughout Washington right now among both Democrats and Republicans make it fully visible and it is enraging voters.

We voters are mostly to blame for the DC swamp.  We don’t take elections seriously enough.  In 2012 after the Obamacare debacle in congress, Republicans still didn’t take the presidential election seriously enough.

It is correct to say in many cases that all those running are the same.  So what is a voter to do when their party only offers up candidates who will be just like the majority of the DC Swamp?    VOTE OUT THE INCUMBENT.

We need to especially pay attention to the primary elections.  This is where your preferred party will be sent a message.  If your congressional representative is from your party, and is just another DC Swamp dweller, vote him or her out in the PRIMARY election.  Hopefully it will send the message to the state party officials that we are not going to take their “business as usual” anymore.

By voting out the incumbent, we will send the message to the parties, that we- the voters- will not accept their “career politicians”, their “business as usual”, their party control or their disregard for the constituents.

Both democrats and republicans can use this method to get the political parties’ attention, and ultimately send the message that we – the voters – are draining the swamp.  We can remove from office the career senators and career representatives who have wielded power for too long.  Remove those who have done the bidding of the party for too long. Remove those who vote to satisfy their special interest campaign contributors rather than their constituents.  We don’t have to listen to polls.  We don’t have to listen to how big the incumbent’s campaign “war chest” is. We don’t have to listen to the incumbents’ empty promises.  We vote out the incumbent, and drain the swamp.  We can create term limits with our vote until we have incumbents who will vote for term limits.

We can drain the swamp, and enforce term limits, and we do not have to wait for congress to decide on a constitutional amendment.  We show up at the Polling Places for the Primary elections and vote out the incumbent.  If your preferred party is not the party of the incumbent, that’s ok, vote against your party’s-backed candidate if he or she a career politician.  Also, depending on you state’s election laws, you may want to change your voter registration party affiliation to have the opportunity to have a say in whether an incumbent stays or goes.  That is your right.  You indeed can and should switch your party affiliation to best serve your needs and objectives.  You can switch back and forth with each primary election depending on the candidates.

We all need to stay informed and participate in the primary and general elections (even though it may seem to be a bother), and together we can “drain the swamp”.

Immigration Then and Now


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Dems say, as a country, we’ve changed from embracing immigrants to shunning immigrants – but here’s why…

Immigration has evolved significantly over many decades.  In the more distant past where immigrants fully embraced the laws of the United States, they were willing to immigrate legally at great cost and sacrifice to themselves.  Since the days of immigrants crowding to Ellis Island to now, remarkable changes have occurred.

Many of the conditions in Europe such as war, depressed economies and repression that drove citizens from their homelands to the land of opportunity have improved and changed resulting in far less urgency to escape their homeland.  However, conditions in Mexico have also changed.  Mexican citizens want to escape their conditions, unemployment, drug violence, poor economies, political corruption and few prospects of change.  Refugees of the South American countries are also coming to the U.S. through Mexico.  When people become driven to change their conditions they will take whatever course of action is needed to accomplish that.

Executive Order SignedPresident Trump signs the Immigration Travel Executive Order  (Google Images)

The liberals tell whatever story they can spin to fill their needs.

The biased liberal media will provide the liberal story spin to attack the conservatives and republicans, and most especially, the president.  Now in the main stream media we are hearing that conservatives are Islamophobic or xenophobic simply because they take the threats of radical Islamic terrorists seriously and want to take steps to protect our U.S. citizens.

During the Obama administration, at our Southern border there had been a total disregard for the law.  Border Patrol Officers had been told to back off from border enforcement and deportations by their administrators.  We don’t know how many illegal immigrants there are in the U.S. right now but the last figures were upward of 11 million but according to Pew Research Center the number is declining.

Terrorist Threats

We need only look at Europe to understand the difficulties of open borders.  Terrorism in the UK and France are getting more and more frequent.  Sadly we hear the same refrain from European countries as we heard after terrorist incidents here, the perpetrators were known to law enforcement and investigated, but no action was taken.

Terrorist Threat

Police on London Bridge after a terror attack.  (Photo courtesy of NY Times)

So why are liberals embracing Middle Eastern immigrants and refugees?  Because they are inviting terrorism.  Liberals are the ultimate elitists.  They are so elite, they feel no terrorist threat to themselves.  The only people exposed to terrorism will be the working class, middle class and poor.  They will be safe because they will not be inhabiting any space where they would be exposed to terrorism.  They’re safe.

Deportation and Re-entry

So what gives with the habitual deportations and re-entries of criminals?  Five or six times in some cases.  President Obama just loved these guys.  When they were flown back into Mexico, did the Mexican authorities refuse to let them off the plane?

They come back into the U.S., who knows how.  Then they commit more crimes. But somehow they never get put into U.S. prison.  I don’t know if they are ever in the U.S. criminal justice system.  How does that happen?

Sanctuary Cities

How can you explain the phenomenon of sanctuary cities?  It’s actually driven by greed.  The democrats and liberal elitists know, that to keep themselves in power requires votes.  Always needing more and more votes, they have a plan to accommodate the illegal immigrants by not cooperating with the federal government and thereby winning favor with the illegals.

Sanctuary Cities Map

MAP showing Sanctuary localities in the U.S.  (Courtesy of Fox News)

“Across the U.S., there are over 300 cities, counties, and states that are considered ‘sanctuary cities.’ These jurisdictions protect criminal aliens from deportation by refusing to comply with U.S. Immigration and Custom Enforcement detainers or otherwise impede open communication and information exchanges between their employees or officers and federal immigration agents,” said the analysis from experts. – The Washington Examiner

However, you ask, how can that mean more votes for the liberal elites?  Illegal immigrants can’t vote.  Oh yes they can and do in our democratic controlled big cities where voter fraud is rampant.  What a happy day when illegals have the protection of the local governments, who also control the local election commissions, and you’ll find that no ID’s are needed for illegals, and they are recruited to go vote on election day in the sanctuary cities.

Sadly, the voters who are legally voting, are having their votes cancelled out by illegal voters who are voting as directed by their liberal elitist friends in the local government.  Talk about a happy day!   How could this work any better than that?  Well it gets even better for the liberal elitists.  They will lead the campaign for amnesty when the next liberal elitist comes to be president.  Amnesty, followed by citizenship equals a legal voter.  This is sort of what president Trump was talking about when he said there was voter fraud in the 2016 election.  He spoke of 5 million fraudulent votes.

States have widely reported little evidence of voter fraud. While President Trump appointed a commission to investigate voter fraud in the 2016 election, now the states are resisting commission efforts to collect data.  Wouldn’t it be embarrassing to have voter fraud discovered in democratic districts in many of the big cities?  Likely a cover-up.  Just like the excuse that the liberal elites use to resist the voter ID laws saying that would impose difficulties for the poor and disenfranchised.  I’m not buying that for a minute.  Wouldn’t it be equally important to know that each legal voters’ vote has been correctly counted and not been cancelled out by a fraudulent vote. Or a hundred, Or a thousand?

Illegal Immigrant Rights Trump U.S. Citizens’ Rights

How can it be justified to capture and arrest an illegal immigrant for a felony but because he is an “immigrant”, not only will he not be reported to ICE, he will not even be charged.  He will walk away free, rather than be reported to ICE, rather than be charged, tried, convicted and imprisoned, as would be the case with any U.S. citizen.  So to help you get this straight…

Legal U.S. Citizen: Captured, arrested, charged, tried, convicted, imprisoned.

Illegal immigrant: Captured, illegal status verified, let go.

This of course is not in every case, but is happening throughout our country right now in sanctuary cities.

Immigrants of Decades Past Wanted to Assimilate

Legal immigrants of decades past wanted to assimilate, make their own way and succeed on their own with the help of family.  Our illegal immigrants of today have been corrupted into taking handouts.  They get schooling for their children, they get housing, medical care, driver’s licenses etc.  Pretty much society looks the other way for illegals, allowing them to continue as normal a life as possible.

Driven by Elite Liberals and Elite Democrat Politicians

All this is being driven by our democrat and liberal politicians and we tax payers get to pay for it.  Let me repeat that for emphasis.  WE TAXPAYERS MUST PAY FOR ALL THE PERKS AND PROGRAMS PROVIDED TO ILLEGAL ALIENS BY LIBERAL DEMOCRAT POLITICIANS JUST SO THEY CAN KEEP THEIR OFFICE OR RUN FOR AN EVEN HIGHER OFFICE.

So to summarize briefly, illegal immigrants are in some cases, stealing your vote, in some cases getting away with crimes, in some cases benefiting from programs that you pay for with tax dollars and more.

We all know that our undocumented immigrant neighbors are by and large good hard working people who only mean well.  They are not the villains of this story by any means.  The vast majority of them are victims of the democrat liberal elitists who are manipulating them to gain power.  So above, when I noted about your vote being stolen, the root cause is actually the greedy power hungry democrat liberal elitist politicians.

I hope everyone is having a safe and enjoyable Fourth of July.  God Bless America!


Are Universities Hoarding Government Money?


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Looking at the myriad of ways that universities are getting money from the government and therefore the taxpayers, I believe something needs to be done.

We know that universities get grant money for research work.  In most cases this is legitimate and justified.  There are the not so useful research grants too however, such as research on barbecue cooking in residential areas in Africa, or studies monitoring how much water hotel guests use.

We know universities receive operational funding from the federal government as well as money to fund tuition subsidies.  Many universities have direct ties to government agencies, including the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), National Science Foundation (NSF), National Institutes of Health, the Department of Transportation (DOT), and the Department of Defense (DOD) and on and on.

It appears the federal government has never seen a grant request from a university that it didn’t like.  Add to that other “awards and subsidies” bestowed on universities simply for having the right ear of the right congressman or senator at the right time.

In 2014, just the NIH awarded over $30.1 billion in grants to universities and medical schools around the world.  Broken down in a study from 2013 by the American Institute of Research, taxpayer subsidies for most colleges and universities average between $8,000 to more than $100,000 for each bachelor’s degree.  Put this into context with the tuition paid by the student, plus state and private grant money awarded to students for tuition, universities are pocketing enormous sums of taxpayer money and leave the students with enormous debt while they rake in the cash.

We can only hope that president Trump will look closely enough at the spending of his various departments to realize the enormous waste that just continues year after year without check driving our country further and further into  debt.  We taxpayers really need some help here.

Fear and Guilt – Tools of the Liberals


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Fear and guilt have long been tools of the left, the liberals and the democrats.  But now in their war on Trump, it has reached epic proportions.  You cannot look at the mainstream newspapers without seeing anti-Trump spin on everything.  All the liberal pundits just can’t spin the fear fast enough.  They want everyone to fear everything about Trump.

Of course there is also the “guilt” card.  They use this to advance their liberal agenda.  They don’t want you mad enough to vote someone out of office.  They want you overwhelmed with guilt to vote someone into office.  They want you afraid the earth is going to be poisoned by mankind and somehow kill everyone and destroy the planet.  They want you to own that guilt.  They want YOU to feel responsible for the destruction of the planet.  “It’s all YOUR fault”!

Burdened with that guilt you are directed to go to the polls and vote for their candidate who will take the needed steps to pass laws to fine polluters, shut-down refineries, coal mines, chemical companies, steel mills, etc.  Worry no more about polluters, they will all be shut down.

Insurance companies have profited forever on fear.  Fear of catastrophes, fire, hurricanes, floods, death.  In today’s world, you just have to have the basics.  But now they have turned to “warranties” to sell you “just in case” what they’ve sold you – breaks.  They survive on people’s fears.  So do the liberals.  The world will come to an end and it will be YOUR fault!

Now the mainstream media has sunk to using comic strips to bash Trump.  Where will it end?  It won’t!  Not even in our countries classrooms, liberal teachers are filling the minds of our children with guilt and fear.  Getting enough of the population filled with guilt and fear, the liberals can control the country.  They’ll have the population convinced, everything bad is THEIR fault, not the politicians, and their consorts.

We have to recognize this manipulation perpetrated by the left for what is – the use of guilt and fear as tools to control the population, so THEY can be in control!  If they can whip up enough frenzy and fear of Trump, they will mold their guilt ridden, fearful followers to help THEM get rid of him. They also will want everyone who voted for Trump to feel guilty for doing so.