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MI Capitol Photos 6

So many people agree about the fiscal cliff fiasco and congress not providing the additional help for the Hurricane Sandy relief.  There are a lot of angry people right now. 

However, we need to look no further than the mirror to find the one to blame.  Yes… it’s us!  We have the power to vote these incompetent respresentatives in, and the power to vote them out.  So whichever of the incompetent representatives is your representative, you have some accountability for the incompetent Congress running Washington right  now.

Let this be our message.  Congress has sent their message loud and clear.  They are not in Washington to represent us, their constituents, they are in Washington to represent themselves, their parties, their PAC’s, Super PAC’s, and special interest.  So keep this in mind at the next election.

Please give serious consideration to those on the ballot that you will be voting for.  So often we are labeled by ourselves as democrats or republicans and WE follow the party line at the polls. WE push the button, pull the handle, or punch the knockout for the straight party ticket.   Because it’s easy.  Because we’re labeled.  Our registration cards say republican or democrat.  So we vote that way.  Mindlessly.  Then at times like this we ask “why is our government so scewed up”.  Well, the easy answer is, because of us. 

Yes there’s much more to it than that of course, but fundamentally we are responsible for putting those incompetent people in Washington.  Let’s plan to do something about that before the next campaign season rolls around.  Please join us.