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Sadly, we have just been made aware of the House resolution to remove the limit on the number of terms an individual can serve as president(http://www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/113/hjres15). This Bill represents the direct opposite of where our country needs to go. It is clear there are those in congress that are driven with a lust for power and will use any means available to achieve their personal or party agendas.

As stated in the C. A. Morris Institute objectives, in order for our citizens to have the voice to direct our government, we need more term limits, not less. Clearly it is understood at all levels of government that term limits are needed, and in a great many states, counties and local jurisdiction, there have been term limits imposed to reflect the same intent as the U.S.Constitution 22nd Amendment.

The sponsor of this bill (Rep. José Serrano [D-NY] has betrayed himself as one of the many congressional representatives who disregard their responsibilities to their contituents and persue their party or personal agendas.

Our citizens and constituents, particularly those constituents of Rep. Serrano, must make it known that they do not want him to continue supporting this resolution. And of course with his selfish act of introducing this piece of damaging legislation, he should be held accountable at the polls and voted out. Actually a recall election should be initiated for such a blatent and selfish abuse of his office.