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The 2016 elections are a long way off. But what will that election year bring in regard to Voter ID requirements?

There are a small number of states currently having strict photo ID requirements. A few states that have photo ID requirements but provide for voting with the opportunity to return with ID to get the ballot counted, There are many states having a simple proof of ID requirement. And there are many states that have no voter ID requirements.

The C. A. Morris Institute favors state voter ID requirements. It is consistent with government reform. Our vote is one of our most precious rights. Our vote is our first line of protection against a tyrannical government. It will help protect us from abuses at the hands of those who would bribe and corrupt our representatives so that they own the vote in the legislature rather than the constituents.

Our vote should therefore be held sacred and protected. Once the vote of the people is compromised, our expectation of a voice in government is lost, our protection from tyranny is lost. We fall victim at the hands of those tyrants who would corrupt the government to further only their own selfish interests.

Since the establishment of our U.S. Constitution, our country has resisted efforts of tyrants to wrestle the control of our government away from the people. Yes we’ve elected corrupt leaders and weak leaders, but we have always managed to keep the control of government in the hands of the people. If the vote is lost the control of the people is lost.

We see significant resistance to the voter ID laws but is it a genuine concern for loss of opportunity to vote? Not likely. More likely is the fact that those who wish to take advantage of holes and gaps in registration and voting laws fear they will not be able to do so when voter ID laws are enacted. They are turning their own fear into voter fear and helping to create a clamor where none exists for their own purposes. In today’s technological society, it is easy to misrepresent and defraud. State’s now provide photo ID’s as well as drivers licenses. With federal ID requirements mandated, soon most citizens will carry those compliant ID’s.

Those against voter ID’s will tell you it is a barrier put in place to keep the poor and infirm from the opportunity to vote. That is just not true. Typically if the poor and infirm can present themselves at the polling place on election day, they are also able get transportation and assistance to obtain the state photo ID. They may call upon family, friends and neighbors as needed for help to get out to vote at the polls and may do so to obtain the voter ID. Elections occur at state and local levels usually every year. Depending on the state, a state photo ID is often issued for five or more years. Far less often than getting to the polls.

Just as in campaigns, some choose to play on peoples fears and cast an opponent in the most negative and fearful light, so too it is with the voter ID laws, they want them to be held in the most negative and fearful light.

The reality is that the voter ID laws are being passed in order to protect our right to vote, lest it be stolen by those with a corrupt intent. We prefer to see the right to vote protected rather than legitimate votes cancelled out by illegitimate votes cast through corrupt means.