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The 2016 presidential campaign will be here before we know it. It will of course be more of the same campaign rhetoric and there will eventually be debates. I have a recollection of one of the 2012 presidential debates and I’m wondering why no one is calling attention to it.

I may have it all wrong as my memory is not so good, but when President Obama debated Mitt Romney, I recall the President mocking Mitt Romney for calling for an increase in funding for Defense spending. He carried on about how Romney was a novice not in touch with the state of defense spending and he indicated that the such a level of funding was not even being asked for by the Defense Department. He went on about how uninformed Mr. Romney was in the cost of defense stating that he understood what was needed and they were going to get all that they asked for from his administration, and that Mr. Romney’s budget was some fantasy.

Right now we are hearing the Defense Department pleading for more money and I’m not hearing President Obama offering any cash that he professed would be there to provide all that the Pentagon would hope for.

This was a point that was a victory for President Obama in the debate. But now we see that it was not reality. I just don’t understand why I haven’t heard others clamoring over this issue. Our voting public has a very short memory perhaps. The media has a convenient memory, remembering what it wants to.

As voters, we really must pay attention. It is far too important to simply sit out an election or enter a voting booth and pull the handle for the straight party ticket. We need to stay focused on the issues, sort through the rhetoric and prepare ourselves to vote with a heightened awareness. An awareness like never before.

Begin to prepare now. Promise yourself not to simply vote for an incumbent, or vote a straight party ticket. Promise yourself to be an informed voter, a conscientious voter who will seek out the best candidates and vote for them.