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Sorry that I am bringing up the gun control debate again, however, the media will just not let this go.

The media, in the same manner as politicians, is manipulating a situation to take advantage of it while there is an emotional sentiment that can be exploited. The media drag up current and past tragedies attempting to illustrate the horror of gun violence while only paying passing notice to the mental instability of those responsible.

Politicians historically find the easiest way they can to sooth the emotional sentiment while getting the most political mileage without regard to who is impacted. The media is apparently in favor of this approach too, as you will find them applauding politicians efforts where money is thrown at a situation or where laws are passed without regard to cost nor collateral damage caused by the laws.

People are murdered with knives too. The knives are merely the tool for murder. The responsibility lies with the individual not the tool. So the dialogue needs to be focused on the mental health of our citizens. Hundreds of thousands of people own guns. They are law abiding, safety conscious, and mentally stable individuals. Does that guarantee they will always remain so? No. Could any gun owner “snap” under some form of stress that is introduced? Yes. Does that fact mean we take away everyone’s guns? No.

What we need is rational discussion of the mental well-being of our public. Chicago has been in the news over the last year for the violence there at the hands of the gangs and drug dealers. These conditions must be discussed as well. Guns are the tool of this violence, and the murder rate in Chicago, and in other cities where gangs and drugs prevail is a symptom of a societal problem as well as emotional distress.

Can we please look at the societal environment that is creating this. There is no room here for angry debate. It cannot be politically driven. It must be thoughtful discussion. It must be community driven. The discussion must include mental health experts, business and community leaders, criminal justice, law enforcement, probation officers and community social workers.

What really needs to be done to react to these mass shootings is, not worry about the guns any more than we would worry about knives, but gain an understanding of our communities and cultures. We need to learn and learn very quickly, how to change the dynamics at work that cause the emotional distress that drives our public to violence. It shouldn’t be only about the mass shootings, but rather about so much more, our own communities, cultures, environment, interactions, attitudes etc.

The media wants us to react the way they want, the way that helps further their agenda. While the media is asking the questions they want asked, our communities are asking questions they want answered. The media knows the answers but you won’t see them in print. Our country has lost its foundations. Founded as a country of God loving people, God is being driven out. Communities based on the family unit, find the family unit as it was, is being destroyed. Our citizens are losing their sense of community and helping one another and turning into competitors repressing others to have more, to win at all cost, even at the expense of others. We have become a culture of consumers, wanting whatever is the latest, newest, most fashionable, trendy. We are becoming shallow and materialistic. We have become a society of takers, rather than givers, expecting the government to satisfy us when we are unhappy, feed us when we are hungry, house us when we are homeless, come to our aid when we are wronged.

Television, that once helped our country thrive, with the potential of being a beacon of information, truth, education, community awareness presenting methods and opportunities to break through barriers, is now a vast wasteland.

Hollywood that contributed it’s stars and newsreels and helped inspire Americans through World War II, that created an escape and painted a mystique around it’s stars and movies, can now only produce a few worthwhile films a year while flooding the theaters with sex, violence, hatred, and of course winning at all cost simply because it sells. What a sad commentary on our society.

The internet, with potential of unfathomable proportion, has been inhibited by dark and vicious greed. Criminals stealing identities, hackers from the world over hacking into everyone’s privacy. Spammers, phishers, spyware ,viruses, worms, have all spoiled and corrupted the internet simply because of greed. Where could we be today in our internet evolution had we not had to spend the enormous resourses of protecting our computers, our privacy, our information and identities to defend against all of this greed and self absorption.

The other technical advances have been corrupted into marketing madness where the simply possessing the latest gadget has become an obsession. Not only to have it, but the obsession to have it now. Not tomorrow, not next week, but to be the first to possess it. This madness just so you can show off or brag about having it before someone else. This trend is extremely disturbing..

Our communities, our society, our country are circling the drain, but somehow the media and our politicians think gun control is the answer. Typical.