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legislator You’ve likely seen the photo of the “politicians” playing solitaire during a legislative session, which is a real wake up call for us who believe these are the people elected by US to represent US.

What a good illustration of what is wrong with the U.S. today. For at least the last twenty years I have been an Independent. I visited a blog today, the Unaffiliated Party. I found myself asking if the partisanship associated with elections isn’t a contributing factor to what is wrong with our government.

If you browse our blogs and other pages, you’ll see that there is a plan in place to reform government, and there is an item to Fix our Voting System.however, I don’t know that the impact of the “two party” system in the U.S. has been taken into account. Yes of course in the partisanship manner, however, where the system comes fully into play is in the primary elections. In most states, the a voter must register with a party affiliation to vote in the primary. Although there are many areas of the voting and election system that need to be fixed, it had escaped my attention how much impact that requirement of party registration (affiliation) may have. This will need to be research going forward if it is not part of the plan already.