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There are so many hot topics right now it is hard to know what to write about. I’ve selected Immigration Reform because I thought it had so much promise at the start. Where it started and I recall Senator Marco Rubio commenting in an interview about the “bipartisan” bill being drafted by the “gang of eight”, noting how it was NOT an “amnesty” for illegal immigrants and how there would be a “path to citizenship” based on registration and a waiting period. First and foremost was before any of this would occur, the border has to be secured.

Somehow, this bill that pleased most everyone, is no longer a “bipartisan” bill. Craftily, the democrats have backed off the “secured the border” first. What the democrats have offered in the senate is basically an “amnesty” bill with out much else. Once again the details will be vague because as Nancy Pelosi has said before, “you have to pass it before you can know what’s in it”. Once again, here is a bill where much of the decisions will be left to the Washington bureaucrats. In other words, the border won’t be secured.

Our country is being cheated out of an immigration reform bill because of politicians. This is an obscenely obvious move by the democrats to benefit them in the elections. It is only about winning votes and nothing whatsoever to do with actually doing what is right for the country and right for the immigrants. It is a shameless tactic which the democrats will use to demonize republicans in election campaigns by citing that Republicans don’t want to reform immigration because they won’t vote for the bill (the bill that won’t secure the borders).

This is one of the most blatently obvious betrayals I’ve ever seen. As I have noted before, incumbent politicians are only focused on reelection and they will let nothing stand in their way, including a win-win immigration reform bill which could have been a resounding success, but now it will be turned into a CAMPAIGN issue for ther democrats because they shamelessly have turned their backs on the immigrants and on doing something right for the country in favor winning the elections.

They will count on the the vast majority of hispanics voting in their favor based on the republican rejection of the bill.

They don’t don’t deserve the hispanic votes. They don’t deserve anyones vote. Voters need to send a message to demonstrate resoundingly that partisan politics cannot be tolerated when dealing with important legislation.