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Throughout our history, our government officials have been making deals. All the way back to revolutionary times there have been deals made with the native americans, foriegn goverrnments and private individuals. For the most part they were low key and below the radar and have served the country.

Now it seems the deals are predominantly devious and are not intended to serve the country but rather are made to serve individuals. There is nothing inherently wrong with making deals especially in busines. That is how significant business is done. In business when deals are devious they are at the expense of the stockholders and often hidden from them. When discovered it usually results in bad things for the investors, the market in general and sometimes the offenders go to jail.

In government when deals are devious, they are at the expense of taxpayers and are often hidden from them. When they are discovered it usually gets no attention at all and will be called a phoney scandal.

Taxpayers right now are stinging from the impact of all the deal-making that was done in order to pass the Affordable Care Act. And all those recruited to get the deal done are now wanting out. Congress, we were told would be covered, federal employees, covered, the Obama’s, covered, but no. Now even the IRS, not only doesn’t want to perform their management role in the act, they want out of it too.

This is a law that is clearly getting out of control and it is due to all the deal-making that occurred in order to get it passed before anyone really knew what was in it. Even President Obama didn’t know what was in the law. He only knew the talking points and traveled the country convincing peaple how wonderful life will be with a national healthcare law.

I’m sorry that the republicans are having to resort to their threats about shutting down the government unless it gets repealed. I really feel that will hurt them more than it will help. But there is no easy we out. The law is flawed throughout and needs major surgery to be cured. I have to agree at least that it should be scrapped for something where we know whats in it before ask congress to vote on it.