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President Obama has been given pass after pass on scandals that have piled high. Now it seems, as predicted by many experts and yes, even republicans, (though denied emphatically by ALL democrats) the ACA is indeed the disaster that was forecast.
President Obama is on record in a nearly unprecedented number of video clips stating, “your healthcare premiums will be lower”, and “you’ll be able to keep your current insurance plan”.
These statements are now proven to be absolutely false. So the first question is, did the president intentionally lie to the American people? If that answer is no, how can he possibly justify his erroneous statements? Of course he didn’t read the entire law himself, but how could his staff, advisers and his democratic colleagues in the congress, possibly allow him to stand up in front of audiences across the country and tell these blatant lies?
Americans are now so outraged, even the press can’t ignore the lies. Yes…, the “mainstream media” is indeed reporting about the falsehoods broadcast by the president, his administration and democratic colleagues. So the next question becomes, who will be held accountable?
Will the media give the president yet another pass? Even given the failure of the scale of the ACA, and given false information that was just dumped on the American public in order to gain passage without having to tell the truth about anything about it. They lied about the plans, the costs for the plans, the costs to taxpayers above and beyond the premiums, there really doesn’t seem to be anything that wasn’t lied about or if not outright lied about, smoothed over to camouflage the truth.
It will be interesting as the outrage in America grows, whether the media will allow themselves to hold the president accountable, or if the taxpayers, middle class Americans, constituents, all those of us severely injured by the lies and deception, will be angry enough to hold the democrats accountable at the polls. It will be very interesting if either of those can happen.