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I’ve just had another birthday. Not at all newsworthy, as I’ve been fortunate to have had 67 of them. What is newsworthy is where I have seen the country go to, after watching for 6+ decades.
I honestly believe we have created a ruling class through our well-meaning Republic system of government. Many of the Federalist papers warned that if the system was to work, those sent to run it would see their service as duty and be guided by honor and a commitment to what is best for the country. Nowhere, in the papers that I have read is there a serious discussion of “party first” politics. There are, however, mentions of career politicians being a problem. Even George Washington is reported to have been asked if he would be King (the ultimate career politician) and refused.
A quick note as a reminder of how the system was supposed to work. The House was designed to send neighbors and those closest to the people to DC to vote for 1 – the best interest of the country and 2 – the interest of the constituents who sent them to DC. The Senate was to be selected by the State legislatures, and was so done until 1912 (not the popular vote of the residents of the States) and were to protect the States from an over intrusive Federal Government, essentially the enforcers of the 10th amendment. In the role of protecting the States rights, they would never vote for a treaty (the Senates other main function) that gave away such things as was done with NAFTA or the recent Carbon Tax scheme.
So, how is the system working now? Some representatives and senators have been there 50 years!! All leave with millions more than they came to town with. Many trade on their friendships and alliances built while in DC long after they leave. They vote themselves raises and benefits with total abandon, and exempt themselves from the laws and regulations you and I have to live under. They complain about runaway spending, and by the Constitution are the ones voting to do so. Meanwhile ignoring their sworn duty to produce, pass and live under a yearly passed budget. They complain about the tax code (which NO ONE understands) and do nothing to fix it, bloviating each April on how bad and unfair it is. We are drowning in red ink, and they vote to “extend the borrowing limit” with billions more money that we don’t have.
The congress and the administration spent a Billion dollars over three years to implement a Medical scam that has NEVER had a majority of the people’s support, and which doesn’t work – AT ALL. No one fired, and so far, no discussion about suing those who took the billion and produced a defective web site.
Simply put, The United States Congress and the President’s administration are the only ones in recent history who continually create problems, very big problems mind you, and successfully campaign for their endless re-election promising to fix those same problems. Meanwhile absolutely nothing gets done. The tax code is still 9,000 pages of gibberish, and the ACA law commonly known as ObamaCare is even worse, at over 2,400 pages in the law and, the regulations at last count, 124,000 pages in the code. By the way – code is the right description.
The simplest issue can’t be fixed. We have, by conservative estimates, over 380 years of fossil fuel so far discovered within our borders. The Department of Energy was created under Jimmy Carter in response to gas lines and black-outs, with the sole mandate of “making us energy independent.” Well, they haven’t and we’re not. Even though we use less fuel each year, and the air here is cleaner than any time in the last 100 years, we can’t build a friggin pipeline or a new cold Lithium salt nuclear plant, which has none of the dangers of the older ones we now have, and which are well past their life expectancy. Indeed we still buy 7.5 million barrels of oil weekly from people who hate us and would have every single one of us dead if they could. How big a failure does it take before even a little federal accountability happens? Will anyone be fired over the ObamaCare ongoing disaster? Silly question, of course not.
I fear that we are close to losing this thing, this American dream. The answer is, however in our hands. We must vote out those who have made their nest in DC, feathered with money they voted to themselves and took from us at gunpoint. We simply have to vote for the United States survival, and not for short time self-interests, like a free phone, or a dog park we can’t afford. We have to stop adding hundreds of thousands of Federal workers to the hundreds of thousands of insurance employees now working in healthcare. All with a promise to lower costs?
It has to be done, and done at every election – until the message is delivered. There is simply no other option.

John Noland