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I Am An Angry Person

I am angrier now than ever before. So are tens of thousands of others if not millions. It shows in many ways every day. Personally, I’m angry with politicians and government at every level, taxes at every level, the so-called Affordable Care Act. All of these are eroding my ability and the ability of my peers to be self-sufficient, live in comfort and be confident of being secure in our future.

This is just a little taste, but there is much more for all of us to be angry about. Whether you realize it or not you are likely angrier today than in the past too. And I’ll be discussing why and how we are getting angrier.

Social Media

Social media today is pervasive. We know about Facebook and Twitter and the gigantic presence they have become. Personally, I am not consumed with social media, but many are. We have cut chucks of time from our days, to service/update these social accounts. I had no idea of iPhone implications until I got one. Why do they even call it a phone? Phone was the least important feature of the device. Since getting one, I’ve found that it is mostly intended to login and be tracked by tens of thousands of advertisers who want their message in your device.

As soon as I logged in to Apple iTunes to download “free” apps, the advertising assaults began. I’m very defensive of my privacy and with the iPhones, there just is none. They will track where you are and where you’ve been. They entice you with the “free” downloads of games and music just to keep you connected as long as possible, -in other words, tracked as long as possible, so they gather as much of your personal preferences as possible, all so they can sell you as much as possible.

Apparently, most of the socialites of social media are unfazed by it, or not even aware all this is going on; but I am, and I’m pretty angry about it. Angry too about the opportunity it provides for bullying. We’ve all heard the horror stories of those who have died or been devastated or scarred by bullying and insensitivity by enemies on social sites. I hate the fact that vulnerable and sensitive young people can be viciously attacked and humiliated in front of their friends through social sites. It’s just wrong, but it happens every day with little we can do about it.

News Media

We have become globalized now, and where we only needed to mostly worry about what happened close to home, and keep up to date on some of the big news of the country, now we get the big news of the world, and all the news from around the country. We literally have to digest far more news items and details now than ever before. Or at least we are exposed to it one way or other and can choose to pay attention or ignore it.

It’s primarily due to video, the internet, cable TV, and yes, social media, that puts more global news at our disposal than ever before. This creates more competition for our valuable time.

I’m also angry over the news media bias. Clearly most news media is biased toward the progressive agenda. Of course we have talk radio and Fox News Channel that favor the conservative agenda. It’s sad how biased a story can be without the reporter even realizing how biased it is. Nearly every newspaper nearly every day. They just don’t see it.

On talk radio they find every scrap of progressive dirt and try and spin it into some giant national conspiracy of biblical proportions. They go on with unreasonable attacks and rants on individuals or the democrats or the progressives. MSNBC is the talk radio of TV news, they get to sit in front of a camera and spew their hatred of conservatives and republicans, and their network doesn’t seem to care..

One example of the bias, Bill O’Reilly, on Fox News ran a story where a forum was held by progressive journalists to discuss inclusiveness and encourage hearing dialogue and views from varied interests. However, when it was found that conservative reporters were in attendance, they were attacked and thrown out. So much for inclusiveness and hearing others views.


I can’t possibly cover everything about politics that makes me angry in one blog, but let’s discuss just a few to get perspective. Recently you’ve seen the outrage of the left, progressives, democrats, over the Supreme Court ruling favoring the right, conservatives, republicans and totally corrupting the foundation of our election process by ruling that donating money to a campaign is just free speech.

This is fundamentally wrong, in that the candidates being elected are supposed to represent their constituents. With money and its influence that can come from ANYWHERE, and ANYONE, how do the constituents maintain THEIR voice in electing THEIR representative? I think I foresee a remake of “Mr. Smith Goes To Washington”, with a completely different ending!

On the other side is the left, progressives, democrats wanting to steal elections with things like “same-day voter registration” and voting “without any form of ID or proof of residency”. These initiatives are so transparent it is sickening. But the left and progressives will try and justify this with the most ludicrous arguments and do it with a straight face and act indignant. Where all the big city voter fraud is already rampant, it is shameless for this to be proposed seriously.


Throughout the school year we hear the stories from the colleges and universities where professors try to impose their liberal views onto students or the school administrations try and indoctrinate the students through some progressive oriented curriculum and faculty, or limit exposure to conservative views by simply not allowing any to speak on campus. I’m one who tries to keep a balance, and I think our college students should be exposed to a balance of opinions, not just the opinions of the university or college censors.

I saw a program where college professors actually participated in a forum discussing the majority numbers of liberals on college faculties. They actually not only admitted it was the case, but they actually gave reasonable explanations for why it is. There were a few conservatives in attendance as well. It was a good airing of likely causes. It did include discussion of conservatives being “frozen out” of advancement opportunities and intolerance of other faculty to their views.

What really makes me angry though is when it happens at the primary and middle school level. Children have so much learning occurring through their young years and devious manipulation by teachers is unconscionable. But it happens. Somehow, the more radical-minded progressive teachers feel it is their place to further their agenda by imposing it on our children. But also, not to be forgotten are those who have a religious agenda and the school prayer controversies never seem to go away either.


Given the ACA and it’s mandates, why couldn’t this birth control issue have been negotiated in a good faith manner? But rather, the administration digs in its heals and fights ferociously to mandate religious organizations to provide birth control. With most workers who won’t even ask for it given their faith or even their role in their organizations.

Why could Obama just roll-over for the unions and give them exemptions, while the religious organization that provide many levels of care to the elderly, operate hospitals around the world, food pantries, and soup kitchens for the poor, operate shelters for the homeless; why, with all the good they do, why was he picking a fight with them?

Why could the administration summarily decide to jam it to the religious, but allow the unions to skate? Of course it could have been reconciled without going to the supreme court, but the administration obviously had a vendetta with religious organizations. Just like when the spending limit ordeal arose, the administration would not budge at all for republicans, saying it was the LAW, but afterward, have continued to push back dates and mandates, provide exemptions and made other changes only when it suits THEIR political agenda.

The school prayer issues covered above, also carries into community activities, board, or council meetings association meetings etc. Where prayer is institutionalized, some feel affronted that others cannot accept it as a tradition. It is so easily solved by just switching from “prayer”, to a “moment of silence”, giving a fully inclusive opportunity for all to use the moment for whatever they choose. But no, some would rather go to court to preserve their limited point of view. Prayer doesn’t have to be out loud. If you believe in God then you believe He is omniscient. Therefore he already knows what’s in your heart, so there is no need to have to say it out loud.


Just some observations about society in general. Consistent with the anger theme, I think we are an angrier society. I think it is mostly lawyers and politicians making us angry. Where in society today are you safe from a frivolous lawsuit? In your job, in your church, in your car, wherever you go, and no matter how hard you try, someone may victimize you because of a mistake.

Where in society are we safe from the greedy politicians that are in it for themselves and have no regard what their constituents want, but know only their own agenda will fight anyone trying to keep them from it. In Delaware, we have politicians who are convicted felons and get re-elected. The governor has been implicated in several campaign fraud issues, but the politicians haven’t moved against him. The republicans have offered a bill to change the campaign funding laws. So of course the democrats propose their version taking all the teeth out of the bill. So guess which one will get passed. The republican bill won’t even see the light of day. They do it, because they can and get away with it because no one stands against it.

Although our digital society should have made things easier, it has become harder. I can remember when companies felt it was critical to be able to talk directly with their customers. Not anymore. Companies only want to deal with customer on their websites. And you rarely find a phone number or address on a website. Customer service isn’t done anymore. It’s contracted out. After you get the toll free number to pick up, you have to go through five minutes of automated screening, not a convenience to you, but to keep them from actually having the COSTLY live person. They don’t want you keeping them on the line too long. Oh, by the way, none of the information that you were inputting through all those menus mattered, the live person never sees it. So after waiting on hold hearing static-ridden music for five or ten minutes, you start all over with the live person, who, after hearing what you need, can’t do anything for you or you get put on hold, then disconnected.

It is so sad what businesses have become now. I call them “run and hide” businesses, they only want your money in an internet purchase and never want to deal with you again until your next purchase.

With the congestion around cities it raises frustrations to untold levels. Now you find many people going significantly over the speed limit, and equal numbers going significantly under the speed limit (usually texting or on the phone). The frustration level of just getting to work in the morning is extreme. In most cities, you’ll have a daily close-call while commuting. Road rage seems to be escalating everywhere.


I don’t really consider myself an angry person. I am aware of addition frustration brought about by our society. The good thing is, our Millennial and New Silent generations have/will grow into adulthood thinking this is normal and not be fazed.

So if you too feel the frustration of the out of control government, politicians, politics, news media, social media, education, religion etc., you are not alone. But don’t get angry about it, just make up your mind to do something about it.