I’ve been troubled lately by what many have called the “Low Information Voter.”  To be sure they are out there, as evidenced by dozens of “man on the street” interviews where the interviewer puts a photo of George Washington up, or Joe Biden, or Mitt Romney and the people have no idea who they are.  Ok, no problem except…when asked if they vote, they say they do, or did.  No wonder the country is being run by people in Washington living in the minute while spending us into certain disaster.  Their game is spending money to buy votes with phones for those same people who don’t even know who the candidates are, but vote D or R without any reasoning attached to that vote.

So how did we get to where arguably 50% of the people are uninformed voters?  Really, Obama is not so much of an issue, the United States survived Carter, and Nixon, and Clinton, and has I’d say an 80% chance of surviving Obama.  I see the problem as the incompetent voters who would vote such an incompetent novice into the Presidency that hold the real potential for destruction of our country.

I think it’s the result of large numbers of people who have lost the ability to communicate… really communicate.  To communicate, one must string together thoughts into lines or dialogue, which make sense to the person receiving the transmission.  If there is no thought, then there is no real communication.  Looking around, we see hundreds of people on the subway platform texting.  Imagine that, they are holding a telephone, a device invented for verbal communication, and are sending 3 second messages, and even those R N OMG/LOL shorthand. 

As an observer of people, I began to wonder where it started.

My conclusion is that it was the roll out of MTV.  The music videos are all shot in 3 second or less picture bursts.  Laid on top of each other to try to tell a story to music 3 ½ minutes.  I frankly can’t watch them.  Even the ones playing with music I really like.  I need time to consider a scene, get the nuance of the scene, and put it into the flow of the narrative, Robert Palmers “Simply Irresistible” is an exception, less 2 second cuts and more attractive women, but I digress. 

I honestly feel the young people who have been brought up on this “3 second burst” have now become 3 second thinkers (IE texting) and 3 second communicators, “well, yeah, you know, gee like sure, I guess, you know.”

The consequences?  Should be obvious.  They can’t represent themselves in a job interview, can’t focus enough to follow a simple instruction.  Are not trained to listen.  As an example, I went to a fast food place and the young girl says “May I help you?”  I said, “This is to go, I want a double cheeseburger, small fries and a medium diet coke.”  The girl asked me “Do you want fries?”  “Yes, small.”  “What size.” “SMALL.”  “Do you want a drink?”  “Yes a medium diet coke.”  What size?”  “MEDIUM.”  “Is this to go or for here?”  “(sigh) To go.” 

I’m convinced that any communication with more than one OMG is more than she will ever be able to process at a time.  On her wedding day, the priest will have to give the vows in 2 word blocks if she will ever be able to get to the “I DO.”

The order was $4.13 and I gave her $5.15.  Big mistake.  It took another 3 minutes and the manager to give me a dollar bill and $.02.  There was no button on the cash register for $5.15.

She’s not alone.  Young employees are indeed a challenge to anyone trying to do work or business. 

In school, I had to be able to answer questions in whole sentences, and write papers essays, and even term papers.  We had to write book reports, and 500 word stories.  There is NO WAY the current generation is doing that.  NO WAY.  My evidence to wit is above.

The American public education system has boiled learning down to the slowest student on three center deviations of the bell curve.  Or throw away the bottom and top, teach to the middle.  The top students get bored, and the bottom ones get left behind, and they, in the middle, are now communicating on their cell phones in 3 second sound bites.

The end result?  Debate stops at the one line talking point.  Republicans who say no to an Education bill because it has $1,650,000 for a study of the sex habits of a sand flea are the “party of NO.”  Any attempt to save the waste in government, like examining the “base line budgeting” which automatically increased the debt by 20% a year is called a “draconian cut.”

If the Supreme court says 4 out of 26 forms of birth control “MAY” be excluded from an insurance offering because they work by inducing an abortion, there’s a “war on women.”  Goering, the father of modern propaganda, said “Say it simple, say it often, and say it like it’s the truth.”  So the republicans are racist, even though Democrats in congress stopped civil rights legislation for nearly 40 years.  Democrats are for peace, even though they got us into Vietnam, Afghanistan and presided over every war the United States has ever lost.   The Republicans are anti-gay, but Bill Clinton signed the “defense of marriage act” denying gays the right to marry.  And Democrats pay women far less than men, and hire far less women in total than republicans, but have a “war on women.”

If there is a hearing on why the IRS targeted 127 conservative groups, and only 6 middle of the road groups and “0” liberal ones, they are on a “witch hunt.” 

For these and many other reasons, like a flood of illegal people cascading into the country from God only knows where, and clear demagogy of every issue so people are afraid to even discuss it, I think the Republic may well be lost. 

What takes it’s place is not a pretty scenario.

John Noland