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Obama as a candidate in 2016 – the president’s next foray into executive orders may enrage even his ardent supporters.

We know since early in Obama’s first term, there were those who wanted Obama as president for life, mostly Obama himself. Indeed there was a bill introduced in the House to remove term limits on the office of president. Well apparently he no longer needs any act of congress to change the twenty-second amendment to the constitution which imposed term limits on the president. He will simply suspend it by executive order. He will then run as an incumbent again in the 2016 presidential campaign.

Just as no one saw the executive order on immigration coming about so swiftly, so too will be the swiftness of his term limit executive order. However, just as happened with immigration, the president will stage it to be congress’s fault. He will complain about congress, noting the next president may “damage the country”, and how important it is for him to be caretaker of the immigrants, public healthcare, foreign policy and to prevent those mean republicans from destroying all the good he’s done. Can this really happen… stay tuned.