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How Republicans Should Respond to Obama’s Executive Order

In the wake of the Obama executive order granting illegal immigrants amnesty, we know the importance of how republicans respond to it. President Obama had a twofold strategy when racing to write an executive order before congress could react.

First, we understand that, progressives fully expect and covet those granted amnesty to become future thankful democratic voters. Five million voters (many of the children, by the time citizenship enters the picture, will be voting age). Obama relishes the plan which he believes forces the hand of republicans to react irrationally and they will move against the executive order and the amnesty, thereby alienating all immigrants (now voters) who favored the amnesty.

This would predictably be correct. Moving irrationally against the plan, or against the president will backfire on republicans in the 2016 election. It has been very encouraging to see the republican leadership take a more long term view and they will hopefully be able to communicate the importance of this situation to their party’s more radical conservatives.

At this point in time, hopefully, republican leadership will understand that the media love affair (as espoused by Bernie Goldberg) is still a factor. He can still do no wrong as far as the media is concerned (hence, no mainstream media outrage of the executive order, rather they went out of their way to note how legitimate it was).

So at this point in time when the media is fully armed to pounce on any republican over-reaction (whatever it may be), republican leadership must temper their strategy staying focused on the long term.

Republicans must not move to reverse the amnesty, or defund it. At this point it is too late to try to undo what has been done without the mainstream media villanizing the party, and which would be perpetuated in the media until the 2016 election. Rather, the republicans must embrace the amnesty and those whom it was extended to. They too, must do three more critical things after the new congress is seated.
1) Note the inherent unfairness of amnesty to those who immigrated legally.
2) Note that due to the presidents untimely executive order now creates an untenable situation where an attempt at a reversal and then provide a modified amnesty later is also unfair. The president has created a situation where actions taken at this point are not a fair remedy to anyone.
3) The message must be made clear that the republican congress will support and embrace those given amnesty under the presidents executive order but providing the following caveats:
1) All the stipulations made in the executive order will be fully enforced and full funding provided for enforcement.
2) We will look at the existing immigration policies to try and reconcile the policies serving the needs of our country and provide a less bureaucratic and fairer legal entry.
3) However, border security will be a top priority. Funding will be provided to build. surveil, patrol and enforce security at our border. This preventative step is to ensure that we don’t arrive at this point again in the future, and also, our borders must be secured due to threat of terrorism.
So the republican message can be that the president tainted the process by moving too quickly on his executive order. That the republicans, while embittered over the president’s questionable action, have sought the fairest and most appropriate resolution to avoid a divisive battle over immigration reform, which is universally desired.

With this action republicans can point to the president imposed his executive order, and now congress has made the best out an action taken by an irrational president, and will stand by the amnesty and its provisions.

This way there is not a divisive immigration battle, it gets the border secured, which was the holdup in the senate bill. This approach can be presented as the “most-fair solution” for all involved. And the republicans will “own” it and can defend it. Any action taken by republicans, is going to be attacked by the mainstream media. So the message must be consistent throughout the party. They will be the owners of the “New Immigration Reform”, and it will help them through to a successful 2016 presidential campaign.