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They want to own ALL the political media stories until the 2016 Election

We’ve seen before how the democratic/progressive media machine can swing into action and feed the unsuspecting public the stories, perspectives, and conveniently omit the parts that would hurt their cause. We know how major stories like the Jonathan Gruber videos will be ignored by the mainstream media until it becomes so consuming, even they cannot ignore it. We’ve seen it so many times, and the blatant lies that are told without conscience, and the mainstream media refuses to hold the white house and the president accountable.

After the midterm election democratic loses, which the president simply dismissed without taking any blame, he appears to want to keep the upcoming new congress out of the media, by controlling it himself.

The president knows the media is biased, and he is going to exploit that from now until the 2016 election. So immediately following the midterm loses, he seized the dialog with the immigration reform. You’ll note that the president had spoken about giving him a bill he could sign, but then turned around and just did what he wanted to anyway.

Then the democrats released the Report on the Torture of prisoners, even though there was nothing in the report that hadn’t been public knowledge, but they took the opportunity to spin it as though it was new and that there was more to it than was told at the hearings, which there wasn’t, but of course it was the opportunity to go after republicans who they can associate with Bush and Cheney and therefore infer all republicans love torture. And the media all stepped right up there and there were stories everywhere. This was followed by Obama opening diplomatic relations with Cuba.

Then it was his year-end news conference, where he was able relax and pontificate on the answers to the rather tame questions asked. He accused Sony of letting some dictator control free speech in America. A Sony executive refuted the president’s comment that he wished they had talked to him first, saying that Sony indeed did have a dialog with the white house staff. But don’t let the truth get in the way of a good sound bite and rhetoric.

You can bet that before the state of the union address, the president will have something else. The democrats will also follow his lead by (as with the report on torture), feeding the press dirt on republicans (true or not). While the new congress may be doing big things, it will only be criticized by democrats and the media will follow the lead of the president and democrats with their spin regardless of the truth. The president and the democrats have never let the truth stand in the way of a good opportunity to throw some dirt on somebody.