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Obama calls out failed Cuban Sanctions while placing sanctions on Russia

George Will wrote an article about the republican senator from Tennessee, Bob Corker. Mr. Will was pointing out Senator Corker’s role in foreign relations now in the new congress. Within the article, Mr. Will pointed out several international crises, which will impact Mr. Corker as chair of the Senate Foreign Relations committee. Among the crises called out were “Russia is revising European borders by force…” Mr. Will is pointing to the fact that President Obama is using economic sanctions to attempt to “modify a dictator’s behavior.” Because the thrust of his article is going in the direction of Authorization of the Use of Military Force (AUMF), Mr. Will seems to lose sight of a very important point.

While making statements trying to justify his actions revising the US relations with Cuba, the president, noted that after more than 50 years the sanctions against Cuba were a failure. So Mr. Will in calling out the economic sanctions against Russia, has identified a yet another presidential blunder. If the US sanctions failed against Cuba after more than 50 years, why does Mr. Obama think they will succeed against Russia?