More “insanity” or real CHANGE?

I pointed out in the previous blog, how Obama unwittingly was doing the same thing and expecting a different result regarding Cuba and Russia and U. S. sanctions.

That pointed me to a blog by Erick Erickson of where he points out how republicans are also doing the same thing and expecting a different result. He is pointing out how the republican leadership is continuing to stand by John Boehner (R-OH) as House Speaker. It appears he believes the republicans are letting an opportunity for “change” slip away.

However, Obama did bring “change”, but not the kind of change most Americans wanted. Socialized healthcare, open borders, and a United States no longer leading the free world but rather a country that is afraid to use language it feels could “offend” terrorists, and hides from foreign aggression. Yes, he DID bring CHANGE.

Now the question is can republicans stay out of their own way and gain the presidency? That is what really must change. The party of “self-destruction”, (republican), really needs to unify and close ranks with a consistent message. The difficulty is, their party is splintered with those who will compromise for the best interest of the country and those who will not compromise under any circumstances, even if it loses everything in the end. The party is risking the same result once again.

Since Obama isn’t running for office again (apparently), voters will not be running from him (his policies) as happened in the mid-terms. It will take a unified republican message differentiating the party and message from democrats.