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USA Today article highlights censorship in China; meanwhile U.S. journalists run and hide from the obvious truth.

Earlier this week I found an interesting article in USA Today by Sherry Ricchiardi. Her article explained censorship in China and journalism students who are pushing the line. Ms. Ricchiari was told of China’s sophisticated online censorship operation, and how China currently imprisons 44 journalists. All the social media traffic is blocked. 50 websites and social media accounts recently were shutdown.

This hostile journalism environment in China seems to be the opposite end of the spectrum from the U. S. We of course have freedom of the press …or do we?

When President Obama is put on the spot over suspected scandals and cover-ups, our press in the U.S. seems to ignore the issues. We have Benghazi, IRS, Fast and Furious, and of course ACA Dr. Gruber. But where are the national media? The press and media not only don’t investigate fully, they help the president with the cover-up! The all just repeat whatever the White House puts out as a response no matter how ludicrous. After being on video tape 27 times (per FoxNews) saying he did not have the authority to change immigration laws, when confronted about the videos, the president just came out and lied. The same with the ACA, Gruber basically said they ALL lied because otherwise it wouldn’t have passed! But where is the U.S. mainstream media?

I really don’t understand whether the Justice Department has scared the heck out of all the journalists, or if they are just so far to the left that they are totally enamored over how the country is being transformed, and they’re simply keeping their mouths shut, or maybe something else.

This run and hide journalism of the U.S is so unfortunate in contrast to China where journalists die and are imprisoned for finding and reporting the truth. It is a disgrace.