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Register to vote and vote the same day. It sounds like a joke -right…?

I learned of the #wakeupamerica hashtag yesterday.  It appears to be a good way to bring attention to so many issues.  Many of the issues we talk about here are in serious need of public attention.  I will utilize this in order to reach out to more people and try to get people to “wake up” to what is actually going on around them.

For instance, there is a continuous push to allow same day registration and voting.  Of course it is the democrats and liberals pushing for this.  They only want the issue to focus around how those who have moved can’t get to register prior to an election and how this will spike low voter turn outs which they claim are such a shame.

They don’t want to address how will “residency” in a voting district be “confirmed” before a vote is cast.  They don’t explain how everyone else’s votes are protected from massive voter fraud when simply filling out a form at the polling place will get you a ballot and a vote.

Election judges hands will be tied, there will be no investigation of their registrants residency claim prior to a vote cast.  This is like a heaven sent to democrats.  Having realized the population declines in the big cities Detroit, Cleveland, Baltimore etc., the democrats have resolved to gain this opportunity that can help assure they will still deliver big voter turnouts illegally.

I can already see the busloads of “registrant’s” being driven from polling place to polling place.  Someone tell me I’m wrong! #wakeupamerica