The Clintons, and how they exploit the corruption

The article by George Will on Greece was a very revealing piece.  In it, he points to Greece’s president and his denial of his ownership of the financial problems faced by his country.  George points out how Greece’s president simply blames other countries and the financial institutions that bailed his country out, and maintains the entitlement consciousness that permeates all socialist countries.

So that brings me to the corruption.  Please be patient with me while I try to voice this logic which connects our country to this corruption.  You have noted of course the FIFA scandal and the bribes and corruption associated with the leaders of that association.  I don’t pretend to know much about the member organizations or the countries, but I would suggest that simply based on casual observation that a vast majority of the member countries are under dictatorships, socialist or communist governments.

We know from Russia and China alone, the level of corruption and how it is perpetuated through bribery and extortion.  Corruption is how things get done.  In many cases it is the only way some things may get done.  Look at the South and Central American countries and their socialist governments and again you see the bribery and corruption without looking too hard.  Now with Europe leaning heavily toward socialism, we shouldn’t be surprised to find that FIFA was rooted in bribery and corruption.  Some years back, we learned of the bribery scandal of the Salt Lake City Olympics where members of the IOC were bribed.  Because, it was “understood”, this was how things got done.

Many of you who have traveled internationally and conducted business have likely been exposed, in some manner, to how bribery and corruption are simply how things get done in many, many countries, and nearly all are either socialist, communist or dictatorships.  It’s business as usual.

Now we are hearing a great deal about the Clinton’s, and their Foundation, and how favorable treatment or U.S. policy decisions made during the Hillary Clinton stint as Secretary of State, were preceded by or followed by generous contributions to the Clinton Foundation.

Isn’t this just “business as usual” for Bill and Hillary Clinton?  Can we all agree that they, through their political offices, have learned about “business as usual”, and capitalized on their exposure to the corruption of the governments they’ve dealt with?  That they have learned how business gets done in all these governments, and they have now learned how to exploit it for their own personal gain?

Can we too, all agree on the direction our country will take if Bill and Hillary Clinton have a hand in governing?  Sadly, the heavy handed tactics associated with communism, and socialism is always preceded by bribery and corruption.  While the masses are pacified with getting free education, free healthcare, and government jobs, those who have learned how socialism really works, are already lining up to bribe their way to positions of power.

When the conservatives ask about Hillary’s curious campaign tactics, could it be that Hillary has already begun their “business as usual” tactics?  That perhaps she’s not at all worried about the “election”.  That perhaps, a fix is already in?  We likely won’t know until after Hillary is in the oval office.  Then it will be too late and there will be no going back.   Just something to think (worry?) about.