Donald Trump, now back tracking on the deportation of the 11M – 18M illegal aliens.  He can solve the issue very easily and fairly.

He should plan a process for self-deportation.  Self-Deported illegals will be given preference and an expedited re-entry to the U.S. where they have self-deported.  This is an opportunity to restore family honor, and prove their integrity without the U.S. government simply disregarding the laws and signaling to others that it is OK to illegally cross the border and thereby saying “sorry you took all the trouble to enter the country legally” to all those who have complied with the law.

This can work and work very effectively.  It would be initiated by completing the “Self-Deportation form” which would serve as a pre-application for legal entry.  The form would be issued by INS and photos would be taken.  The form will have the expected date for leaving the U.S. and the expected date to submit the re-entry application form submission.  The illegals would then return to their homeland, live with family, friends or in a hotel, hostel or other accommodation.  Parents of children who are U.S. citizens may return with their children or not.  If the children can stay with relatives in the U.S., there is no reason for their return to the homeland.  If the children return with the parents, there is no issue since they still return as U.S. citizens.  Self-Deporting parents would be given a special preference for return processing when they provide the children’s information.  Once in the homeland the readmission process would start with a visit to a U.S. consulate and completing another application form.  There re many more details which can made the process painless for the illegals and for the U.S. taxpayers.  Not working for INS I don’t have all the details, however, this can be done and it will make 11M  illegals into legal documented visitors who can then begin the process of citizenship.  That’s all everyone really wants.