One of Donald Trump’s campaign linchpins has been to build a wall at the border and make Mexico pay for it.

Well the reality is that a wall along the entire border would cost billions.  Even if Mexico wanted to pay for it, they couldn’t and it will be a tough sell to get it passed in a budget.

However, walls can be other than brick and mortar or chain link and barbed-wire.  Essentially a wall is a barrier and the border is a line defining the limits of the U.S. and Mexico. So the barrier can be deterrents.  It can essentially be whatever Trump and President Nieto can agree will be a sufficient deterrent.  How about surveillance cameras with staffed guard towers. Maybe a centralized monitoring command center dispatching forces where alarms, sensors, cameras etc. have indicated intrusions at the border.  Seismic sensors perhaps to tip guards of vehicles of groups on foot.

On the extreme side there are booby traps.  Something not as fatal as a land mine, but more like a shock grenade would send a message.  The wall of whatever combinations would put a lot of Mexican citizens to work too.  So there is an upside for Mexico.  We can hope at least that there is some containment to minimize, the illegal entry.