One of the most troubling things to me about Hillary Clinton is her overconfidence about the FBI investigation.  At the February 4, Democratic Presidential Debate, Hillary Clinton said she’s “absolutely” certain the controversy over her personal email server when she was at the State Department won’t blow up her presidential campaign and “100 percent confident” the FBI probe would find no wrongdoing.

So how, knowing how vulnerable she was in such an investigation, could she make such a bold statement?  Perhaps had she said if charged, she would be found innocent, that would be more believable, but to dismiss the possibility of being charged, is beyond arrogance.  It basically explains why FBI Director had to misquote, laws, invent flowery wording that would soften the misdeeds and otherwise give Secretary Clinton a good talking to, to appease the public outrage that there were no charges filed against her.  Donald Trump was correct, the fix was in.

Clever wording by Attorney General Loretta Lynch, also was nothing more than providing cover for herself when the FBI concluded their investigation.  There is an Inspector General in the DOJ, but if the FBI was bought, if the Attorney General was bought, certainly, they would have been sure that the DOJ Inspector General was also bought.  No need to waste time going down that avenue. Indeed, the fix was in.  Thoroughly and completely.  If Hillary is elected who can stop her from doing anything?