Inner cities across the country really do need to look at who to blame for the continued poverty and crime they have been living with for decades.  Donald Trump surely fumbled the wording in his appeal to black voters vote for him, painting all blacks as unable to overcome the crime, unemployment, poor schools etc.

However, his point that the democrats are responsible for these conditions is absolutely correct.  In all of the big cities across the country, democrats have relied on controlling elections by expecting black voters to just continue to elect them. Many of these cities now have democrat office-holder who themselves are African-American, and in many cases come from within the communities they represent. This has not changed anything for the better.  Stemming from the wrong-headed democratic policies where they just give away free stuff, they do not address the problems, but rather work only to ensure their reelection.

Unfortunately, turning a city over to republicans isn’t likely to change much either.  We know that most politicians, republican or democrat, are in it for themselves.  They won’t work for meaningful change, but rather the quid pro quo.

The republicans can at least start to make changes based on Donald Trump and the outsider image.  With the inner cities to illustrate all that’s wrong with the democratic way, republicans can gain an advantage at the local level by simply working to actually make real and meaningful change rather than working to ensure re-election. Any republican or democratic hopefuls willing to dedicate their political careers to meaningful change in politics and the community can contact the C. A. Morris Institute to learn about analytical tools and methodologies to guide them to success!