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The liberal and democrat outrage over the immigration executive order is so thoughtless it is laughable.  First, the mainstream media has taken every opportunity to mislabel, misrepresent and outright lie about the scope of the order.  This is not the only area where the press is misrepresenting and twisting facts and yes, lying, to put fear into people and whip them into a frenzy. It’s sad.

However, the bigger matter here is the Muslims who feel they are being targeted.  Targeted for their faith, targeted for their heritage and targeted as a race.  Muslims are feeling targeted for no legitimate reason.  However, it is very clear in the executive order that the extreme vetting measure is to protect the U.S. from terrorists entering our country.  The order is certainly fair to protect the citizens of the U.S., as per the constitution, a sovereign nation (although many liberals don’t agree with that).

Where do the consequences come in?  Islam and the Muslim religion have been around about 1500 years.  And throughout that history the religion has been plagued with the violence from radical extremists who take passages of the Quran and misuse them for corrupt purposes and justify their hatred, terrorism, slaughter and other extremism.  Meanwhile, mainstream Muslims have been quiet.  Mainstream Muslims over the 1500 years have not been able to rise up and take back their religion.  They have been passive.  Their religious leaders have been silent as well.  Judaism and Christianity have had their bouts with extremism too, however, there have not been outbreaks of extremism to the extent seen in Islam.

Muslims have lived among the terrorists since their religion was born.  Now while Muslims have immigrated all over the world the terrorism is following.  Yet Muslims have not been held accountable for allowing the extremists to thrive throughout the ages.  Although there have apparently been times of calm and quiet, the radical extremists have been able to exist among other Muslims throughout the ages.  We cannot say conclusively that this situation was influenced or encouraged in ways, but only that it was tolerated.

Now with the immigration order, in this very small way, Muslims are being held accountable for allowing this situation to exist over centuries.  Similar to Judaism, Islam has no singular leader.  But unlike Judaism, Islam has not been able to control their radical elements.  Catholicism does have a singular leader but whether this helped to control their radical extremists is uncertain.  But what is certain is that it is time for Muslims to decide if they love their religion.

They must not tolerate the radical extremists any longer. Islam is a religion of peace.  If that is true, why haven’t Muslims stood up to confront and combat the extremists?  In recent years I have learned of individual Muslims who indeed are fighting back to defeat radical extremism.  It is a great movement but it is not enough.  Muslims must get their religious leaders en masse to LEAD, and fight to defeat the extremists.  Until then, until that kind of movement takes hold, Muslims around the world will find they are being held accountable for the 1500 years of blissful ignorance.  Interesting that our local Mosque held a meeting to protest the immigration order, but where are the meetings and calls to defeat radical extremists!  Silence! Denial of THEIR responsibility for THEIR religion.  They now are facing consequences and will continue to face consequences while they, and the rest of the world is left threatened by the radical extremists homegrown within their religion.