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Fear and guilt have long been tools of the left, the liberals and the democrats.  But now in their war on Trump, it has reached epic proportions.  You cannot look at the mainstream newspapers without seeing anti-Trump spin on everything.  All the liberal pundits just can’t spin the fear fast enough.  They want everyone to fear everything about Trump.

Of course there is also the “guilt” card.  They use this to advance their liberal agenda.  They don’t want you mad enough to vote someone out of office.  They want you overwhelmed with guilt to vote someone into office.  They want you afraid the earth is going to be poisoned by mankind and somehow kill everyone and destroy the planet.  They want you to own that guilt.  They want YOU to feel responsible for the destruction of the planet.  “It’s all YOUR fault”!

Burdened with that guilt you are directed to go to the polls and vote for their candidate who will take the needed steps to pass laws to fine polluters, shut-down refineries, coal mines, chemical companies, steel mills, etc.  Worry no more about polluters, they will all be shut down.

Insurance companies have profited forever on fear.  Fear of catastrophes, fire, hurricanes, floods, death.  In today’s world, you just have to have the basics.  But now they have turned to “warranties” to sell you “just in case” what they’ve sold you – breaks.  They survive on people’s fears.  So do the liberals.  The world will come to an end and it will be YOUR fault!

Now the mainstream media has sunk to using comic strips to bash Trump.  Where will it end?  It won’t!  Not even in our countries classrooms, liberal teachers are filling the minds of our children with guilt and fear.  Getting enough of the population filled with guilt and fear, the liberals can control the country.  They’ll have the population convinced, everything bad is THEIR fault, not the politicians, and their consorts.

We have to recognize this manipulation perpetrated by the left for what is – the use of guilt and fear as tools to control the population, so THEY can be in control!  If they can whip up enough frenzy and fear of Trump, they will mold their guilt ridden, fearful followers to help THEM get rid of him. They also will want everyone who voted for Trump to feel guilty for doing so.