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Dems say, as a country, we’ve changed from embracing immigrants to shunning immigrants – but here’s why…

Immigration has evolved significantly over many decades.  In the more distant past where immigrants fully embraced the laws of the United States, they were willing to immigrate legally at great cost and sacrifice to themselves.  Since the days of immigrants crowding to Ellis Island to now, remarkable changes have occurred.

Many of the conditions in Europe such as war, depressed economies and repression that drove citizens from their homelands to the land of opportunity have improved and changed resulting in far less urgency to escape their homeland.  However, conditions in Mexico have also changed.  Mexican citizens want to escape their conditions, unemployment, drug violence, poor economies, political corruption and few prospects of change.  Refugees of the South American countries are also coming to the U.S. through Mexico.  When people become driven to change their conditions they will take whatever course of action is needed to accomplish that.

Executive Order SignedPresident Trump signs the Immigration Travel Executive Order  (Google Images)

The liberals tell whatever story they can spin to fill their needs.

The biased liberal media will provide the liberal story spin to attack the conservatives and republicans, and most especially, the president.  Now in the main stream media we are hearing that conservatives are Islamophobic or xenophobic simply because they take the threats of radical Islamic terrorists seriously and want to take steps to protect our U.S. citizens.

During the Obama administration, at our Southern border there had been a total disregard for the law.  Border Patrol Officers had been told to back off from border enforcement and deportations by their administrators.  We don’t know how many illegal immigrants there are in the U.S. right now but the last figures were upward of 11 million but according to Pew Research Center the number is declining.

Terrorist Threats

We need only look at Europe to understand the difficulties of open borders.  Terrorism in the UK and France are getting more and more frequent.  Sadly we hear the same refrain from European countries as we heard after terrorist incidents here, the perpetrators were known to law enforcement and investigated, but no action was taken.

Terrorist Threat

Police on London Bridge after a terror attack.  (Photo courtesy of NY Times)

So why are liberals embracing Middle Eastern immigrants and refugees?  Because they are inviting terrorism.  Liberals are the ultimate elitists.  They are so elite, they feel no terrorist threat to themselves.  The only people exposed to terrorism will be the working class, middle class and poor.  They will be safe because they will not be inhabiting any space where they would be exposed to terrorism.  They’re safe.

Deportation and Re-entry

So what gives with the habitual deportations and re-entries of criminals?  Five or six times in some cases.  President Obama just loved these guys.  When they were flown back into Mexico, did the Mexican authorities refuse to let them off the plane?

They come back into the U.S., who knows how.  Then they commit more crimes. But somehow they never get put into U.S. prison.  I don’t know if they are ever in the U.S. criminal justice system.  How does that happen?

Sanctuary Cities

How can you explain the phenomenon of sanctuary cities?  It’s actually driven by greed.  The democrats and liberal elitists know, that to keep themselves in power requires votes.  Always needing more and more votes, they have a plan to accommodate the illegal immigrants by not cooperating with the federal government and thereby winning favor with the illegals.

Sanctuary Cities Map

MAP showing Sanctuary localities in the U.S.  (Courtesy of Fox News)

“Across the U.S., there are over 300 cities, counties, and states that are considered ‘sanctuary cities.’ These jurisdictions protect criminal aliens from deportation by refusing to comply with U.S. Immigration and Custom Enforcement detainers or otherwise impede open communication and information exchanges between their employees or officers and federal immigration agents,” said the analysis from experts. – The Washington Examiner

However, you ask, how can that mean more votes for the liberal elites?  Illegal immigrants can’t vote.  Oh yes they can and do in our democratic controlled big cities where voter fraud is rampant.  What a happy day when illegals have the protection of the local governments, who also control the local election commissions, and you’ll find that no ID’s are needed for illegals, and they are recruited to go vote on election day in the sanctuary cities.

Sadly, the voters who are legally voting, are having their votes cancelled out by illegal voters who are voting as directed by their liberal elitist friends in the local government.  Talk about a happy day!   How could this work any better than that?  Well it gets even better for the liberal elitists.  They will lead the campaign for amnesty when the next liberal elitist comes to be president.  Amnesty, followed by citizenship equals a legal voter.  This is sort of what president Trump was talking about when he said there was voter fraud in the 2016 election.  He spoke of 5 million fraudulent votes.

States have widely reported little evidence of voter fraud. While President Trump appointed a commission to investigate voter fraud in the 2016 election, now the states are resisting commission efforts to collect data.  Wouldn’t it be embarrassing to have voter fraud discovered in democratic districts in many of the big cities?  Likely a cover-up.  Just like the excuse that the liberal elites use to resist the voter ID laws saying that would impose difficulties for the poor and disenfranchised.  I’m not buying that for a minute.  Wouldn’t it be equally important to know that each legal voters’ vote has been correctly counted and not been cancelled out by a fraudulent vote. Or a hundred, Or a thousand?

Illegal Immigrant Rights Trump U.S. Citizens’ Rights

How can it be justified to capture and arrest an illegal immigrant for a felony but because he is an “immigrant”, not only will he not be reported to ICE, he will not even be charged.  He will walk away free, rather than be reported to ICE, rather than be charged, tried, convicted and imprisoned, as would be the case with any U.S. citizen.  So to help you get this straight…

Legal U.S. Citizen: Captured, arrested, charged, tried, convicted, imprisoned.

Illegal immigrant: Captured, illegal status verified, let go.

This of course is not in every case, but is happening throughout our country right now in sanctuary cities.

Immigrants of Decades Past Wanted to Assimilate

Legal immigrants of decades past wanted to assimilate, make their own way and succeed on their own with the help of family.  Our illegal immigrants of today have been corrupted into taking handouts.  They get schooling for their children, they get housing, medical care, driver’s licenses etc.  Pretty much society looks the other way for illegals, allowing them to continue as normal a life as possible.

Driven by Elite Liberals and Elite Democrat Politicians

All this is being driven by our democrat and liberal politicians and we tax payers get to pay for it.  Let me repeat that for emphasis.  WE TAXPAYERS MUST PAY FOR ALL THE PERKS AND PROGRAMS PROVIDED TO ILLEGAL ALIENS BY LIBERAL DEMOCRAT POLITICIANS JUST SO THEY CAN KEEP THEIR OFFICE OR RUN FOR AN EVEN HIGHER OFFICE.

So to summarize briefly, illegal immigrants are in some cases, stealing your vote, in some cases getting away with crimes, in some cases benefiting from programs that you pay for with tax dollars and more.

We all know that our undocumented immigrant neighbors are by and large good hard working people who only mean well.  They are not the villains of this story by any means.  The vast majority of them are victims of the democrat liberal elitists who are manipulating them to gain power.  So above, when I noted about your vote being stolen, the root cause is actually the greedy power hungry democrat liberal elitist politicians.

I hope everyone is having a safe and enjoyable Fourth of July.  God Bless America!