It is sad and deceitful that the liberal-biased media have painted President Trump as many things, including a racist, a white supremacist, a Nazi, anti-Muslim, etc.

They just keep saying it as though it were a given fact and a great number of people, both Republican and Democrat have come to just take it as truth. Additionally, I have never seen where one individual has been dishonestly quoted and “spin” applied to cast a quote into something obviously different than what was said.

Almost every supporter of President Trump admits the President is often out of control in his Twitter storms, and he should get that under better control. But it is refreshing to finally have a Republican, a conservative, that will resort to the same devices that Democrats have resorted to for years.  Conservatives and liberals know the media, will always call out a Republican or conservative for a lie, but they nearly always let the liberals have a pass.  In fact, in recent times, they help to reinforce the lies.

In one manner, President Trump is quite like the liberals in that he will sometimes speak untruths. And just like the liberals, he has a hard time correcting his lies.  Must be something about big egos.  Apparently, all Democrats have big egos.  Remember, President Trump had been a Democrat, before switching to Republican.

So the Fake News, as President Trump refers to the liberal-biased press and cable news outlets, will avoid sighting anything positive about the president.  The economy, unemployment numbers, the war on ISIS and terrorism, MS-13 gangs, Veterans Administration improvements  and so much more is just not reported on.  So people have been turning away from the liberal biased media and to other sources like Fox News.   So the liberal-biased media has viciously attacked Fox News.  Do they think people haven’t caught on?  Proof positive, Fox’s ratings have been soaring.  When it becomes so easy to lie, the lies just get bigger and harder for sane people to believe.  This was on full display in the opening day of the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings.

Liberals are not being thrown under the bus, they are leaping under the bus.  Let’s see how this strategy works out in the mid-terms.