We have Socialist MSM, Socialist educational community (due to unions), Socialist state and local government (due to unions), Socialist trades in major cities (due to unions), Socialist Hollywood (partly due to unions).  The majority of Americans reject Socialism, due to everything we see associated with socialism, communism, fascism, Nazism, but

Union Protest

Unions protest at a Party Convention.  Photo by Laurel Rosenthal            

          Americans voices are being muted by the media and all of the above.  Those on the Left are not the majority but they want us to believe they are the majority.  They can’t win at the ballot box, so they want to change ALL the rules. Look how fast and to the extent they went, to change the rules to get Obamacare passed.

Look at how easily and extensively Obama and minions told lies to sell the ideas of the ACA.  Look how Obama used the IRS to suppress conservative organizations from formation as 501(c)3, look how Obama shielded Hillary Clinton after Benghazi, shielded Eric Holder after the Fast and Furious scandal, how many lies were told to cover up those scandals.  The main stream media was helping to cover it up simply by printing everything

Citizens Protest in Venezuela

Clash with Venezuelan National Guard.   Courtesy CNN

Obama’s administration told them to.  Recall that Obama also spied on and went after journalists and tried to prosecute them, and the MSM let him!  If you were an enemy of Obama, you must be an enemy of MSM too!.  No worry about freedom of the press when they are already controlled by the Obama government.

So as the 2016 Presidential election campaign was starting up with Hillary Clinton facing Donald Trump, Obama and his staff were planning how to weaponize government resources at the FBI and CIA, to thwart Donald Trump. The DNC was more than happy to cooperate by buying “opposition research” from the Russians through a convenient connection, an FBI contractor with Fusion GPS, a British spy with a Kremlin connection, Christopher Steele, who was hired to create a dossier on Trump to ruin his campaign.  The dossier created by Steele, upon publication, once leaked to the press, got no traction with Trump supporters.  So enter the FBI.  The clandestine counterintelligence investigation of Donald Trump was launched by the FBI with the blessing of Barak Obama.  This included phone call surveillance of Trump Tower offices, and attempting to plant an FBI asset in the campaign.  The infamous FISA warrant was obtained primarily with the fake dossier.

We all recall how Jim Comey “exonerated” Hillary Clinton (not his job) due to being just so clueless that she could not have meant wrong-doing.  Obama, happy to help defeat Trump and fearless at the end of his reign, assigned his most loyal staff members to quietly help the Hillary campaign, by unmasking the names of Trump campaign staff caught on tape. The MSM and Democrats, enraged over Trump’s win needed and “insurance policy” happily provided by Comey and the FBI.  The already in-progress counterintelligence investigation was now open to daylight so they could find out if there was collusion with Russians.  We also all recall Comey was briefly kept on as FBI director after Donald Trump won the election.  Once Trump realized that Comey was a liar and a leaker, fired him and the result was a Special Counsel.

Now back to democrats “changing the rules”.  If all the above is not “Third Word” enough for you, we are now witnessing the new ways for democrats to win elections.  CHANGE THE RULES…!  Early Voting.  Election Day Registration. Fight against and attack voter ID laws. And yes, even change the constitution and eliminate the Electoral College.  WHY?, you might ask.  We know most all of the most populated cities of the U.S. are controlled by Democrats.  All these largest cities, with their large populations can hold substantial voting blocks.  But since Trump’s election, some of this democratic base is starting to erode.  Enter: Moving the goal posts!

Why have democrats long been in control of these big cities you may ask.  Corruption…!  The slogan in Chicago was “Vote early, Vote often”.  When someone dies in these big cities, their voter registration lives on.  With voter ID laws, it would be much harder to vote as one of the dead registrants.  Early voting simply gives democrats more time to change the votes.  No more hectic sessions trying to get enough votes changed, all the needed votes can be changed with a luxurious amount of time to spare.

Election Day Registration is just a democrat dream.  Imagine going from polling place to polling place and registering, giving false information, and voting each time.  One person could conceivably vote a dozen or more times, because election judges will not have staff or resources available to verify where a registrant lives.  So the vote will go in and count.  The only way an accounting for those votes would occur, would be when there was a close enough election that a recount would be required.  But if enough fraudulent votes are accomplished with this method, there will never be a close election, hence no accountability of the validity of the balloting.  The democrats dream.  So totally third world, it almost is amazing they have the nerve to suggest it.  But that’s how democrats work.  Nothing will embarrass them, they will stop at nothing.

Look how hard democrats fight against Voter ID Laws.  Wherever, a bill is introduced to initiate Voter ID, the democrats go crazy, always suggesting it will suppress the low income, minority voters.  Voter ID will only provide accountability to the process of voting and counting.   Where previously, voters could be assisted by both democrats and republicans to get their constituents registered, through registration drives, democrats want none of it with voter ID drives.   Why?  Harder to cheat.

Now we are seeing the initiative to change the constitution and eliminate the electoral college.  It is simply because the democrats lost even with all their cheating and actual advantages.  Again, since HRC won the popular vote, Trump became president by electoral votes.  They tried harassing and threatening the College delegates but could get them to change their commitment to vote, so this is what they have to resort to.  Change the rules.  It is easy to win a “rigged” election by popular vote, and more difficult to rig an election by electoral college.

Yellow Jackets Protest in France

Yellow Jacket Protests in Paris.  Courtesy of CNN

Yellow Jacket Protests in Paris.  Courtesy of CNN
We can see now how democrats will move forward on their socialist agenda once that pesky ballot and voting stuff is fully under their control.  What will be in store.  The Green New Deal? What will that bring? Bankruptcy!  Democrats will be more than happy to throw the country into complete chaos, because it will make them less accountable.  Government officials will be the only ones traveling by air, and they’ll have to do it a lot to keep at least one airline flying. Or, oh yeah, the government will take-over the airline industry and consolidate it into one big company for themselves.

All over the country, housing will be condemned at the government whim so that new, “green” housing  can be erected.  You’ll just be assigned to housing that you’ll live in, but won’t own.  Only government people will own houses. Along with the universal healthcare, (Medicare for everyone) will be those pesky death panels.  Don’t worry!  Since the government will never see the money needed to actually pay for all this, if you have a job, your taxes will go up.  AOC says she’ll pay people who don’t want to work.  Well, she won’t be able to because the economy will be crashed.  The politicians, all socialists by then, will be getting the bulk of the money.  With all the manufacturing plants closing, gasoline gone in a flash, people can’t afford public transportation to get to work where there is work. They will be living in a world run by incompetent government and be dependent on the incompetent government, be provided inferior housing and healthcare by incompetent government.  If you’ve seen incompetent government at it’s worst, just image what it will be like when the incompetents, abolish the constitution, the states, local governments and appoint their friends and family to them.

I’m sorry, I know that we all realize that the democrats are the party of fear and hate.  I don’t want to appear to be mimicking their method, that is how they stir up their base. But now that you’ve had this brief look into the future of the U.S. transformed into socialism, maybe you’ll be more aware of exactly what is at stake.  At stake is the future of the U.S. as we know it.  Don’t be afraid, don’t panic. Think straight and be reasonable and take action!