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Our local USA Today newspaper surprisingly published an article written by a student from the STEM School in Colorado, the sight of our country’s most recent school shooting.

It was surprising because Fischer Argosino detailed how a vigil for their hero fellow student, Kendrick Castillo was hijacked by politicians trying to further their political agendas, using their schools’ incident and the emotions of grieving students.

It struck me that this recognition was so important.  The students not only recognized that their classmate’s Student Walkout from Vigilvigil was being hijacked, but they did something about it.  They were able to recognize what politicians are capable of.  The politicians Cast aside the students grief to shift the focus on an agenda to get them elected or re-elected.  This was so revealing and illustrated that students are becoming aware and recognizing the empty words of politicians.

Many students had the courage to walk out to protest outside by lighting their cell phones. This is a sign that should give us all hope.  Our youth are not all under the hypnotic control of the politicians.  As much as they are exposed to the Left agendas in school and in the Fake News media, these students proved that their inner strength, their intuition, their self-awareness is still intact.  They were able to overcome the spell spun by the politicians.  They were able to reject what they knew was wrong, and acted in a manner they thought would make it right.

It took great courage to walk out of a vigil intended for their fellow student, friend and hero, Kendrick Castillo, to expose the politician for what they were, hijackers of an incident.  They exposed them for not being there because their friend was a hero, but because of the audience they would have, the camera, the publicity they could harness.

This event speaks volumes and we can all learn from the wisdom demonstrated by these students. Many of the students who stayed inside the vigil may regret that decision as well.  Others may be thinking about it differently than they did while attending, thanks to the article written by Fischer Argosino.  Read her full article here.