The C. A. Morris Institute intends to be an effective research and analysis organization (think tank), bringing solutions to social, political and governmental problems, and; the institute will take action to implement the solutions.

It will operate on the premise that there is a solution to every problem, and when approached with critical thinking, it will acquire the tools and resources to bring the solution into fulfillment.

The problems and issues presented to the institute will not only have solutions developed, but will have action plans and project management that will bring the solution into reality.  It will include identifying and securing funding and resources.  It will be a full turn-key operation for solution and implementation.  This approach sets the C. A. Morris Institute apart from other organizations performing research and analysis.

The institute is non-partisan  with no political affiliation or influence.  The institute will seek to avoid political influences such as political action committees, lobbyist or special interest within the institute.  Any contracts or agreements entered into with other organizations, institutes or agencies must only be done so upon ensuring that no special interest etc., are driving their cause.  Society, and in particular the U.S.  constituency, must always be the beneficiary of the institute projects.


The board of directors ensures care is taken to maintain the highest ethical standards.  Projects reviewed by the board must clearly demonstrate the benefit to the general public and society without subversion to  special interest gain.

The institute is much needed in today’s society due to the passivity that dominates today.  The U.S. Government at all levels and the political system that has interfered with it, is not oriented to solving problems, but rather to legislate solutions to symptoms rather than root causes.  Dramatic action must be taken immediately to change the course which our government and political system has unwittingly set itself.  Presently we find that laws are passed and imposed on entire populations just because of the actions of a few.  Good money is spent after bad trying to remedy situations without regard for eliminating the root causes.

There is no shortage of government, political or societal ills needing the help of the institute.  Ineffective government at all levels, rampant corruption and criminal activity are examples of why the institute has been created.  The institute will be prepared to produce results now when successful results are needed more than ever before.