To achieve our mission and vision it will be critical to remove the incentives for politicians to hold office for more than two terms.  Lust for power and egos are the motivation for politicians to seek term after term and move from one political office to another to do the bidding of their PAC and special interest supporters. 

Therefore our objective will be to remove the incentives that keep representatives and senators in congress for decades enjoying the benefits of special healthcare, pensions, exemption from laws etc.   

Congressional Reform 

Below is the list of immediate objectives of the Morris Institute to
reform government.  These are the priorities, and the planning to
initiate this legislation is underway.  The institute will work through
state organizations to help achieve these objectives.
Note:  The board of directors will set the objectives and priorities of the institute.  The below objectives are subject to change at the direction of the board.

1.  A term Limit of 2 terms must be imposed on Congress.

Serving in Congress is an honor, not a career. The Founding Fathers
envisioned citizen legislators, so ours should serve their
term(s), then go return to their home state and their former livelihood.

 2. Campaign financing must be reformed.

Campaign contributions must be controlled to limit political buyoff
by special interest and keep voting in the hands of constituents
and out of the hands of lobbyists, Super PAC’s and Special
Interest Groups.

3. Pork Barrel Earmark restrictions.

Actions taken by politicians to help ensure votes for their own
reelection at the cost of U.S. taxpayers must be restricted.  Earmarks
as such, may be justifiable, but earmarks  used as a tool
to for political gain or to gain reelection should be outlawed. 

4. Congressional pensions will be eliminated.

With the imposition of term limits to minimize government
corruption, the need for a congressional pension will cease.  Two
terms. No pensions.

5.  No congressional exemptions from laws passed by them.

This includes deal-making for favors.  Anything passed must always apply
Equally to government officials, especially those that passed it and including
Appointed government officials. 

6.  Change the law allowing congress to vote themselves raises.

Congressional pay should be tied to the cost of living like most
Americans.  Once restricted to two terms, the cost of living raises
will be the method for congressional raises.

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