The Fix Is In


One of the most troubling things to me about Hillary Clinton is her overconfidence about the FBI investigation.  At the February 4, Democratic Presidential Debate, Hillary Clinton said she’s “absolutely” certain the controversy over her personal email server when she was at the State Department won’t blow up her presidential campaign and “100 percent confident” the FBI probe would find no wrongdoing.

So how, knowing how vulnerable she was in such an investigation, could she make such a bold statement?  Perhaps had she said if charged, she would be found innocent, that would be more believable, but to dismiss the possibility of being charged, is beyond arrogance.  It basically explains why FBI Director had to misquote, laws, invent flowery wording that would soften the misdeeds and otherwise give Secretary Clinton a good talking to, to appease the public outrage that there were no charges filed against her.  Donald Trump was correct, the fix was in.

Clever wording by Attorney General Loretta Lynch, also was nothing more than providing cover for herself when the FBI concluded their investigation.  There is an Inspector General in the DOJ, but if the FBI was bought, if the Attorney General was bought, certainly, they would have been sure that the DOJ Inspector General was also bought.  No need to waste time going down that avenue. Indeed, the fix was in.  Thoroughly and completely.  If Hillary is elected who can stop her from doing anything?


There are walls, and there are walls


One of Donald Trump’s campaign linchpins has been to build a wall at the border and make Mexico pay for it.

Well the reality is that a wall along the entire border would cost billions.  Even if Mexico wanted to pay for it, they couldn’t and it will be a tough sell to get it passed in a budget.

However, walls can be other than brick and mortar or chain link and barbed-wire.  Essentially a wall is a barrier and the border is a line defining the limits of the U.S. and Mexico. So the barrier can be deterrents.  It can essentially be whatever Trump and President Nieto can agree will be a sufficient deterrent.  How about surveillance cameras with staffed guard towers. Maybe a centralized monitoring command center dispatching forces where alarms, sensors, cameras etc. have indicated intrusions at the border.  Seismic sensors perhaps to tip guards of vehicles of groups on foot.

On the extreme side there are booby traps.  Something not as fatal as a land mine, but more like a shock grenade would send a message.  The wall of whatever combinations would put a lot of Mexican citizens to work too.  So there is an upside for Mexico.  We can hope at least that there is some containment to minimize, the illegal entry.

Self Deportation is the Needed Answer for Trump

Donald Trump, now back tracking on the deportation of the 11M – 18M illegal aliens.  He can solve the issue very easily and fairly.

He should plan a process for self-deportation.  Self-Deported illegals will be given preference and an expedited re-entry to the U.S. where they have self-deported.  This is an opportunity to restore family honor, and prove their integrity without the U.S. government simply disregarding the laws and signaling to others that it is OK to illegally cross the border and thereby saying “sorry you took all the trouble to enter the country legally” to all those who have complied with the law.

This can work and work very effectively.  It would be initiated by completing the “Self-Deportation form” which would serve as a pre-application for legal entry.  The form would be issued by INS and photos would be taken.  The form will have the expected date for leaving the U.S. and the expected date to submit the re-entry application form submission.  The illegals would then return to their homeland, live with family, friends or in a hotel, hostel or other accommodation.  Parents of children who are U.S. citizens may return with their children or not.  If the children can stay with relatives in the U.S., there is no reason for their return to the homeland.  If the children return with the parents, there is no issue since they still return as U.S. citizens.  Self-Deporting parents would be given a special preference for return processing when they provide the children’s information.  Once in the homeland the readmission process would start with a visit to a U.S. consulate and completing another application form.  There re many more details which can made the process painless for the illegals and for the U.S. taxpayers.  Not working for INS I don’t have all the details, however, this can be done and it will make 11M  illegals into legal documented visitors who can then begin the process of citizenship.  That’s all everyone really wants.


The Threat of Socialism and its Corruption

The Clintons, and how they exploit the corruption

The article by George Will on Greece was a very revealing piece.  In it, he points to Greece’s president and his denial of his ownership of the financial problems faced by his country.  George points out how Greece’s president simply blames other countries and the financial institutions that bailed his country out, and maintains the entitlement consciousness that permeates all socialist countries.

So that brings me to the corruption.  Please be patient with me while I try to voice this logic which connects our country to this corruption.  You have noted of course the FIFA scandal and the bribes and corruption associated with the leaders of that association.  I don’t pretend to know much about the member organizations or the countries, but I would suggest that simply based on casual observation that a vast majority of the member countries are under dictatorships, socialist or communist governments.

We know from Russia and China alone, the level of corruption and how it is perpetuated through bribery and extortion.  Corruption is how things get done.  In many cases it is the only way some things may get done.  Look at the South and Central American countries and their socialist governments and again you see the bribery and corruption without looking too hard.  Now with Europe leaning heavily toward socialism, we shouldn’t be surprised to find that FIFA was rooted in bribery and corruption.  Some years back, we learned of the bribery scandal of the Salt Lake City Olympics where members of the IOC were bribed.  Because, it was “understood”, this was how things got done.

Many of you who have traveled internationally and conducted business have likely been exposed, in some manner, to how bribery and corruption are simply how things get done in many, many countries, and nearly all are either socialist, communist or dictatorships.  It’s business as usual.

Now we are hearing a great deal about the Clinton’s, and their Foundation, and how favorable treatment or U.S. policy decisions made during the Hillary Clinton stint as Secretary of State, were preceded by or followed by generous contributions to the Clinton Foundation.

Isn’t this just “business as usual” for Bill and Hillary Clinton?  Can we all agree that they, through their political offices, have learned about “business as usual”, and capitalized on their exposure to the corruption of the governments they’ve dealt with?  That they have learned how business gets done in all these governments, and they have now learned how to exploit it for their own personal gain?

Can we too, all agree on the direction our country will take if Bill and Hillary Clinton have a hand in governing?  Sadly, the heavy handed tactics associated with communism, and socialism is always preceded by bribery and corruption.  While the masses are pacified with getting free education, free healthcare, and government jobs, those who have learned how socialism really works, are already lining up to bribe their way to positions of power.

When the conservatives ask about Hillary’s curious campaign tactics, could it be that Hillary has already begun their “business as usual” tactics?  That perhaps she’s not at all worried about the “election”.  That perhaps, a fix is already in?  We likely won’t know until after Hillary is in the oval office.  Then it will be too late and there will be no going back.   Just something to think (worry?) about.


Same Day Voter Registration


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Register to vote and vote the same day. It sounds like a joke -right…?

I learned of the #wakeupamerica hashtag yesterday.  It appears to be a good way to bring attention to so many issues.  Many of the issues we talk about here are in serious need of public attention.  I will utilize this in order to reach out to more people and try to get people to “wake up” to what is actually going on around them.

For instance, there is a continuous push to allow same day registration and voting.  Of course it is the democrats and liberals pushing for this.  They only want the issue to focus around how those who have moved can’t get to register prior to an election and how this will spike low voter turn outs which they claim are such a shame.

They don’t want to address how will “residency” in a voting district be “confirmed” before a vote is cast.  They don’t explain how everyone else’s votes are protected from massive voter fraud when simply filling out a form at the polling place will get you a ballot and a vote.

Election judges hands will be tied, there will be no investigation of their registrants residency claim prior to a vote cast.  This is like a heaven sent to democrats.  Having realized the population declines in the big cities Detroit, Cleveland, Baltimore etc., the democrats have resolved to gain this opportunity that can help assure they will still deliver big voter turnouts illegally.

I can already see the busloads of “registrant’s” being driven from polling place to polling place.  Someone tell me I’m wrong! #wakeupamerica

Censorship… what censorship?


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USA Today article highlights censorship in China; meanwhile U.S. journalists run and hide from the obvious truth.

Earlier this week I found an interesting article in USA Today by Sherry Ricchiardi. Her article explained censorship in China and journalism students who are pushing the line. Ms. Ricchiari was told of China’s sophisticated online censorship operation, and how China currently imprisons 44 journalists. All the social media traffic is blocked. 50 websites and social media accounts recently were shutdown.

This hostile journalism environment in China seems to be the opposite end of the spectrum from the U. S. We of course have freedom of the press …or do we?

When President Obama is put on the spot over suspected scandals and cover-ups, our press in the U.S. seems to ignore the issues. We have Benghazi, IRS, Fast and Furious, and of course ACA Dr. Gruber. But where are the national media? The press and media not only don’t investigate fully, they help the president with the cover-up! The all just repeat whatever the White House puts out as a response no matter how ludicrous. After being on video tape 27 times (per FoxNews) saying he did not have the authority to change immigration laws, when confronted about the videos, the president just came out and lied. The same with the ACA, Gruber basically said they ALL lied because otherwise it wouldn’t have passed! But where is the U.S. mainstream media?

I really don’t understand whether the Justice Department has scared the heck out of all the journalists, or if they are just so far to the left that they are totally enamored over how the country is being transformed, and they’re simply keeping their mouths shut, or maybe something else.

This run and hide journalism of the U.S is so unfortunate in contrast to China where journalists die and are imprisoned for finding and reporting the truth. It is a disgrace.

Squandering Opportunities for Change

More “insanity” or real CHANGE?

I pointed out in the previous blog, how Obama unwittingly was doing the same thing and expecting a different result regarding Cuba and Russia and U. S. sanctions.

That pointed me to a blog by Erick Erickson of where he points out how republicans are also doing the same thing and expecting a different result. He is pointing out how the republican leadership is continuing to stand by John Boehner (R-OH) as House Speaker. It appears he believes the republicans are letting an opportunity for “change” slip away.

However, Obama did bring “change”, but not the kind of change most Americans wanted. Socialized healthcare, open borders, and a United States no longer leading the free world but rather a country that is afraid to use language it feels could “offend” terrorists, and hides from foreign aggression. Yes, he DID bring CHANGE.

Now the question is can republicans stay out of their own way and gain the presidency? That is what really must change. The party of “self-destruction”, (republican), really needs to unify and close ranks with a consistent message. The difficulty is, their party is splintered with those who will compromise for the best interest of the country and those who will not compromise under any circumstances, even if it loses everything in the end. The party is risking the same result once again.

Since Obama isn’t running for office again (apparently), voters will not be running from him (his policies) as happened in the mid-terms. It will take a unified republican message differentiating the party and message from democrats.

Doing the Same Thing, Expecting a Different Result


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Obama calls out failed Cuban Sanctions while placing sanctions on Russia

George Will wrote an article about the republican senator from Tennessee, Bob Corker. Mr. Will was pointing out Senator Corker’s role in foreign relations now in the new congress. Within the article, Mr. Will pointed out several international crises, which will impact Mr. Corker as chair of the Senate Foreign Relations committee. Among the crises called out were “Russia is revising European borders by force…” Mr. Will is pointing to the fact that President Obama is using economic sanctions to attempt to “modify a dictator’s behavior.” Because the thrust of his article is going in the direction of Authorization of the Use of Military Force (AUMF), Mr. Will seems to lose sight of a very important point.

While making statements trying to justify his actions revising the US relations with Cuba, the president, noted that after more than 50 years the sanctions against Cuba were a failure. So Mr. Will in calling out the economic sanctions against Russia, has identified a yet another presidential blunder. If the US sanctions failed against Cuba after more than 50 years, why does Mr. Obama think they will succeed against Russia?

Democrats Seizing the Dialog


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They want to own ALL the political media stories until the 2016 Election

We’ve seen before how the democratic/progressive media machine can swing into action and feed the unsuspecting public the stories, perspectives, and conveniently omit the parts that would hurt their cause. We know how major stories like the Jonathan Gruber videos will be ignored by the mainstream media until it becomes so consuming, even they cannot ignore it. We’ve seen it so many times, and the blatant lies that are told without conscience, and the mainstream media refuses to hold the white house and the president accountable.

After the midterm election democratic loses, which the president simply dismissed without taking any blame, he appears to want to keep the upcoming new congress out of the media, by controlling it himself.

The president knows the media is biased, and he is going to exploit that from now until the 2016 election. So immediately following the midterm loses, he seized the dialog with the immigration reform. You’ll note that the president had spoken about giving him a bill he could sign, but then turned around and just did what he wanted to anyway.

Then the democrats released the Report on the Torture of prisoners, even though there was nothing in the report that hadn’t been public knowledge, but they took the opportunity to spin it as though it was new and that there was more to it than was told at the hearings, which there wasn’t, but of course it was the opportunity to go after republicans who they can associate with Bush and Cheney and therefore infer all republicans love torture. And the media all stepped right up there and there were stories everywhere. This was followed by Obama opening diplomatic relations with Cuba.

Then it was his year-end news conference, where he was able relax and pontificate on the answers to the rather tame questions asked. He accused Sony of letting some dictator control free speech in America. A Sony executive refuted the president’s comment that he wished they had talked to him first, saying that Sony indeed did have a dialog with the white house staff. But don’t let the truth get in the way of a good sound bite and rhetoric.

You can bet that before the state of the union address, the president will have something else. The democrats will also follow his lead by (as with the report on torture), feeding the press dirt on republicans (true or not). While the new congress may be doing big things, it will only be criticized by democrats and the media will follow the lead of the president and democrats with their spin regardless of the truth. The president and the democrats have never let the truth stand in the way of a good opportunity to throw some dirt on somebody.

The Answer to the Immigration Reform and Amnesty


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How Republicans Should Respond to Obama’s Executive Order

In the wake of the Obama executive order granting illegal immigrants amnesty, we know the importance of how republicans respond to it. President Obama had a twofold strategy when racing to write an executive order before congress could react.

First, we understand that, progressives fully expect and covet those granted amnesty to become future thankful democratic voters. Five million voters (many of the children, by the time citizenship enters the picture, will be voting age). Obama relishes the plan which he believes forces the hand of republicans to react irrationally and they will move against the executive order and the amnesty, thereby alienating all immigrants (now voters) who favored the amnesty.

This would predictably be correct. Moving irrationally against the plan, or against the president will backfire on republicans in the 2016 election. It has been very encouraging to see the republican leadership take a more long term view and they will hopefully be able to communicate the importance of this situation to their party’s more radical conservatives.

At this point in time, hopefully, republican leadership will understand that the media love affair (as espoused by Bernie Goldberg) is still a factor. He can still do no wrong as far as the media is concerned (hence, no mainstream media outrage of the executive order, rather they went out of their way to note how legitimate it was).

So at this point in time when the media is fully armed to pounce on any republican over-reaction (whatever it may be), republican leadership must temper their strategy staying focused on the long term.

Republicans must not move to reverse the amnesty, or defund it. At this point it is too late to try to undo what has been done without the mainstream media villanizing the party, and which would be perpetuated in the media until the 2016 election. Rather, the republicans must embrace the amnesty and those whom it was extended to. They too, must do three more critical things after the new congress is seated.
1) Note the inherent unfairness of amnesty to those who immigrated legally.
2) Note that due to the presidents untimely executive order now creates an untenable situation where an attempt at a reversal and then provide a modified amnesty later is also unfair. The president has created a situation where actions taken at this point are not a fair remedy to anyone.
3) The message must be made clear that the republican congress will support and embrace those given amnesty under the presidents executive order but providing the following caveats:
1) All the stipulations made in the executive order will be fully enforced and full funding provided for enforcement.
2) We will look at the existing immigration policies to try and reconcile the policies serving the needs of our country and provide a less bureaucratic and fairer legal entry.
3) However, border security will be a top priority. Funding will be provided to build. surveil, patrol and enforce security at our border. This preventative step is to ensure that we don’t arrive at this point again in the future, and also, our borders must be secured due to threat of terrorism.
So the republican message can be that the president tainted the process by moving too quickly on his executive order. That the republicans, while embittered over the president’s questionable action, have sought the fairest and most appropriate resolution to avoid a divisive battle over immigration reform, which is universally desired.

With this action republicans can point to the president imposed his executive order, and now congress has made the best out an action taken by an irrational president, and will stand by the amnesty and its provisions.

This way there is not a divisive immigration battle, it gets the border secured, which was the holdup in the senate bill. This approach can be presented as the “most-fair solution” for all involved. And the republicans will “own” it and can defend it. Any action taken by republicans, is going to be attacked by the mainstream media. So the message must be consistent throughout the party. They will be the owners of the “New Immigration Reform”, and it will help them through to a successful 2016 presidential campaign.