Trump Should Continue to Confront the Liberal Biased Media


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I have been so pleased to hear Donald Trump and his administration fight back against the liberal biased mainstream media.  While the mainstream media cannot find enough newspaper to print their assaults, or enough network news hours to invent and spin Trump attacks, they ignore real news, and most importantly, they ignore the Trump voters, whose numbers are growing.

The mainstream media are so hysterical over Trump and everything he does, they print and broadcast conjured and contrived stories that offend even the moderate democrats.  Let’s look at reality for a moment.  If all these individuals showing up for the town hall meetings held by republican legislators to protest against Trump, were actually voters in those districts, the republican candidates would never even have been elected!

It serves no useful purpose but to show hysteria just for the cameras.  The result is more and more people are learning what the liberal biased mainstream media is all about.  Maybe they laughed at Steven Colbert jokes about Trump but now the all-out assault from all sides is telling.   People who otherwise never noticed the bias have now sat up to take notice.  While the press is consumed with calling Trump “Hitler” and a “Fascist” people are getting angrier with the press.  But the press is too busy bashing Trump to even notice.  If the liberal biased mainstream media hasn’t noticed their readers and watchers slipping away, they’ll get the message at election time in the same surprising manner as they did in the past presidential election.  Not a surprise to us who see how they only hear their liberal biased Hollywood, academia, and union supporters.

Trump Needs to Unify the Country


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After his election, Donald Trump said he would unify the country.  At this point he has done anything but unify the country.  Of course what we are seeing is the democratic outrage from losing the election, and their attempt sabotage everything President Trump tries to do.

Twitter Storms

First, before President Trump can hope to begin to unify the country, he needs to cease the Twitter storms.  His raging on Twitter, is divisive and childish. His advisers really need to put the pressure on to get that to stop.  He also needs to tone down the bravado too.  He is bringing on more criticism when boasting about himself, and what HE has done.  He really needs to understand the power is in WE and US, rather than I and ME.

Does He Even Know How to Unite the Country?

He doesn’t seem to know or he isn’t interested at this point.  Right now he seems occupied with everything that is not going his way.  I wish I’d seen any sign that he is ready to start unifying the country, unfortunately, no sign yet, but I’m hoping.

In case he doesn’t know where to begin, allow me to offer some suggestions.  First, he needs to sit down with his administration and advisers and cabinet to find the areas where there is common ground.  Some have already suggested infrastructure.  Every state has serious infrastructure needs.  The federal budget could be another.  No one wants to see another deadline where the government runs out of money and raises the debt ceiling, only to kick the can down the road yet again.  It’s time to fix it.  He will need to find those kinds of common ground and list them.  He will need to become the mentor to congress on how to get things done.  Once he has the list of obvious common ground projects, he will need to create an agenda for meeting congressional leadership. He’ll need to draw upon his skills as a leader to plan the agenda that will inspire all the participants..

Then he needs to call the congressional leadership from both the House and Senate, and from both parties to the White House.  He will conduct the meeting again using his skills as a leader to motivate the attendees to follow.  He’ll need to show that working cooperatively with the administration will help every state, the entire country will benefit.  He’ll need to convince them that he will do all he can to make the projects that arise out of this cooperative effort happen.  These initial projects will be the core of the initiative to build trust and motivation to act together.

The leadership team would then turn the projects over to appropriate committees, sub committees etc., to actually do the work to implement the projects with needed legislation.  The leadership team would meet periodically to get updates on the initial projects and add additional projects as they are presented, reviewed and accepted.  This will be the bipartisan effort to build on.  Successful results are imperative.   On time and under budget!

The Liberals Revealing Who They Really Are


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Since Donald Trump has taken office we’ve seen liberals reveal as never before, who they really are.  While on one hand we hear them speaking about tolerance, inclusiveness and building bridges, what they have shown and demonstrated is they are anything but tolerant, inclusive and bridge-builders.

They have shown in the main-stream media the hatred and intolerance of anything that is not part of THEIR agenda.  They have loudly affirmed their hatred and disrespect for Donald Trump.  TV networks, newspapers, the liberal cable news, have held nothing back when it comes to hatred of republicans and Donald Trump.

We’ve seen on campuses, and heard from university faculty their disgust for every campaign promise of Donald Trump.  Their rhetoric has come off the charts, and outrage permeates wherever one looks in main-stream media.  But now we see it so very clearly.  Now we can clearly see the bared teeth and hatred.  It’s been there all along but many voters were just not convinced of who the liberals really are and how they represent so completely, all those liberal ideals which are seen now as anything but desirable.  It’s been made very clear to them now.

One would think that since Obama’s election in 2008 that the steady democratic losses would be a wake-up call to the democrats and liberals.  Steady losses in the house, senate and governorship’s, even state houses.  But the democrats and liberals are in denial.  Rather than learning from their losses, they are now doubling down on their liberal agenda.

They believe that their popular vote win in the presidential election was a mandate to take a stand.  The reality is anyone who was not fully committed to the Democratic Party is now running into the arms of the republicans.  Even Donald Trump can seem level-headed by comparison with some of the unhinged speeches of the democrats, the rage in the words of the liberal newspaper columnists, the hypocritical commentary and spin of the TV journalists, the transparent spite of Hollywood elites mocking republicans and Trump in supposed “humor”.

Not to give the democrats and liberals any advice, but they really need to take a step back and look at what they’re doing!   It is shameful and the voters already see that.  The problem the democrats and liberals are facing now is that because they are so elitist, they can only see what they are surrounded by… elitists!  They therefore have no idea.  They have no idea that they have shut down speech for the other side!  They have turned a deaf ear to anyone who voted for Donald Trump, to anyone who supports any single one of his goals, and to anyone who will defend republicans, Trump, or his agenda.  So I fully believe all of you who now feel disenfranchised by the left-winged media, academia, and unionized labor officials will come out and vote in 2018 and 2020.

There are Consequences


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The liberal and democrat outrage over the immigration executive order is so thoughtless it is laughable.  First, the mainstream media has taken every opportunity to mislabel, misrepresent and outright lie about the scope of the order.  This is not the only area where the press is misrepresenting and twisting facts and yes, lying, to put fear into people and whip them into a frenzy. It’s sad.

However, the bigger matter here is the Muslims who feel they are being targeted.  Targeted for their faith, targeted for their heritage and targeted as a race.  Muslims are feeling targeted for no legitimate reason.  However, it is very clear in the executive order that the extreme vetting measure is to protect the U.S. from terrorists entering our country.  The order is certainly fair to protect the citizens of the U.S., as per the constitution, a sovereign nation (although many liberals don’t agree with that).

Where do the consequences come in?  Islam and the Muslim religion have been around about 1500 years.  And throughout that history the religion has been plagued with the violence from radical extremists who take passages of the Quran and misuse them for corrupt purposes and justify their hatred, terrorism, slaughter and other extremism.  Meanwhile, mainstream Muslims have been quiet.  Mainstream Muslims over the 1500 years have not been able to rise up and take back their religion.  They have been passive.  Their religious leaders have been silent as well.  Judaism and Christianity have had their bouts with extremism too, however, there have not been outbreaks of extremism to the extent seen in Islam.

Muslims have lived among the terrorists since their religion was born.  Now while Muslims have immigrated all over the world the terrorism is following.  Yet Muslims have not been held accountable for allowing the extremists to thrive throughout the ages.  Although there have apparently been times of calm and quiet, the radical extremists have been able to exist among other Muslims throughout the ages.  We cannot say conclusively that this situation was influenced or encouraged in ways, but only that it was tolerated.

Now with the immigration order, in this very small way, Muslims are being held accountable for allowing this situation to exist over centuries.  Similar to Judaism, Islam has no singular leader.  But unlike Judaism, Islam has not been able to control their radical elements.  Catholicism does have a singular leader but whether this helped to control their radical extremists is uncertain.  But what is certain is that it is time for Muslims to decide if they love their religion.

They must not tolerate the radical extremists any longer. Islam is a religion of peace.  If that is true, why haven’t Muslims stood up to confront and combat the extremists?  In recent years I have learned of individual Muslims who indeed are fighting back to defeat radical extremism.  It is a great movement but it is not enough.  Muslims must get their religious leaders en masse to LEAD, and fight to defeat the extremists.  Until then, until that kind of movement takes hold, Muslims around the world will find they are being held accountable for the 1500 years of blissful ignorance.  Interesting that our local Mosque held a meeting to protest the immigration order, but where are the meetings and calls to defeat radical extremists!  Silence! Denial of THEIR responsibility for THEIR religion.  They now are facing consequences and will continue to face consequences while they, and the rest of the world is left threatened by the radical extremists homegrown within their religion.

Donald Trump should nominate Vice President Joe Biden as Secretary of State


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Donald Trump should nominate Vice President Joe Biden as Secretary of State.  It’s a perfect fit.  Biden would be an easy approval on both sides of the aisle.  He’s stayed out of trouble pretty much as VP, has good foreign affairs background, and had a successful career as senator.  Whether he’d take the job is a question, but I think he’d definitely consider it.   This is a good choice and Trump should give him a chance.

Inner Cities Need to Place Blame


Inner cities across the country really do need to look at who to blame for the continued poverty and crime they have been living with for decades.  Donald Trump surely fumbled the wording in his appeal to black voters vote for him, painting all blacks as unable to overcome the crime, unemployment, poor schools etc.

However, his point that the democrats are responsible for these conditions is absolutely correct.  In all of the big cities across the country, democrats have relied on controlling elections by expecting black voters to just continue to elect them. Many of these cities now have democrat office-holder who themselves are African-American, and in many cases come from within the communities they represent. This has not changed anything for the better.  Stemming from the wrong-headed democratic policies where they just give away free stuff, they do not address the problems, but rather work only to ensure their reelection.

Unfortunately, turning a city over to republicans isn’t likely to change much either.  We know that most politicians, republican or democrat, are in it for themselves.  They won’t work for meaningful change, but rather the quid pro quo.

The republicans can at least start to make changes based on Donald Trump and the outsider image.  With the inner cities to illustrate all that’s wrong with the democratic way, republicans can gain an advantage at the local level by simply working to actually make real and meaningful change rather than working to ensure re-election. Any republican or democratic hopefuls willing to dedicate their political careers to meaningful change in politics and the community can contact the C. A. Morris Institute to learn about analytical tools and methodologies to guide them to success!

The Fix Is In


One of the most troubling things to me about Hillary Clinton is her overconfidence about the FBI investigation.  At the February 4, Democratic Presidential Debate, Hillary Clinton said she’s “absolutely” certain the controversy over her personal email server when she was at the State Department won’t blow up her presidential campaign and “100 percent confident” the FBI probe would find no wrongdoing.

So how, knowing how vulnerable she was in such an investigation, could she make such a bold statement?  Perhaps had she said if charged, she would be found innocent, that would be more believable, but to dismiss the possibility of being charged, is beyond arrogance.  It basically explains why FBI Director had to misquote, laws, invent flowery wording that would soften the misdeeds and otherwise give Secretary Clinton a good talking to, to appease the public outrage that there were no charges filed against her.  Donald Trump was correct, the fix was in.

Clever wording by Attorney General Loretta Lynch, also was nothing more than providing cover for herself when the FBI concluded their investigation.  There is an Inspector General in the DOJ, but if the FBI was bought, if the Attorney General was bought, certainly, they would have been sure that the DOJ Inspector General was also bought.  No need to waste time going down that avenue. Indeed, the fix was in.  Thoroughly and completely.  If Hillary is elected who can stop her from doing anything?

There are walls, and there are walls


One of Donald Trump’s campaign linchpins has been to build a wall at the border and make Mexico pay for it.

Well the reality is that a wall along the entire border would cost billions.  Even if Mexico wanted to pay for it, they couldn’t and it will be a tough sell to get it passed in a budget.

However, walls can be other than brick and mortar or chain link and barbed-wire.  Essentially a wall is a barrier and the border is a line defining the limits of the U.S. and Mexico. So the barrier can be deterrents.  It can essentially be whatever Trump and President Nieto can agree will be a sufficient deterrent.  How about surveillance cameras with staffed guard towers. Maybe a centralized monitoring command center dispatching forces where alarms, sensors, cameras etc. have indicated intrusions at the border.  Seismic sensors perhaps to tip guards of vehicles of groups on foot.

On the extreme side there are booby traps.  Something not as fatal as a land mine, but more like a shock grenade would send a message.  The wall of whatever combinations would put a lot of Mexican citizens to work too.  So there is an upside for Mexico.  We can hope at least that there is some containment to minimize, the illegal entry.

Self Deportation is the Needed Answer for Trump

Donald Trump, now back tracking on the deportation of the 11M – 18M illegal aliens.  He can solve the issue very easily and fairly.

He should plan a process for self-deportation.  Self-Deported illegals will be given preference and an expedited re-entry to the U.S. where they have self-deported.  This is an opportunity to restore family honor, and prove their integrity without the U.S. government simply disregarding the laws and signaling to others that it is OK to illegally cross the border and thereby saying “sorry you took all the trouble to enter the country legally” to all those who have complied with the law.

This can work and work very effectively.  It would be initiated by completing the “Self-Deportation form” which would serve as a pre-application for legal entry.  The form would be issued by INS and photos would be taken.  The form will have the expected date for leaving the U.S. and the expected date to submit the re-entry application form submission.  The illegals would then return to their homeland, live with family, friends or in a hotel, hostel or other accommodation.  Parents of children who are U.S. citizens may return with their children or not.  If the children can stay with relatives in the U.S., there is no reason for their return to the homeland.  If the children return with the parents, there is no issue since they still return as U.S. citizens.  Self-Deporting parents would be given a special preference for return processing when they provide the children’s information.  Once in the homeland the readmission process would start with a visit to a U.S. consulate and completing another application form.  There re many more details which can made the process painless for the illegals and for the U.S. taxpayers.  Not working for INS I don’t have all the details, however, this can be done and it will make 11M  illegals into legal documented visitors who can then begin the process of citizenship.  That’s all everyone really wants.


The Threat of Socialism and its Corruption

The Clintons, and how they exploit the corruption

The article by George Will on Greece was a very revealing piece.  In it, he points to Greece’s president and his denial of his ownership of the financial problems faced by his country.  George points out how Greece’s president simply blames other countries and the financial institutions that bailed his country out, and maintains the entitlement consciousness that permeates all socialist countries.

So that brings me to the corruption.  Please be patient with me while I try to voice this logic which connects our country to this corruption.  You have noted of course the FIFA scandal and the bribes and corruption associated with the leaders of that association.  I don’t pretend to know much about the member organizations or the countries, but I would suggest that simply based on casual observation that a vast majority of the member countries are under dictatorships, socialist or communist governments.

We know from Russia and China alone, the level of corruption and how it is perpetuated through bribery and extortion.  Corruption is how things get done.  In many cases it is the only way some things may get done.  Look at the South and Central American countries and their socialist governments and again you see the bribery and corruption without looking too hard.  Now with Europe leaning heavily toward socialism, we shouldn’t be surprised to find that FIFA was rooted in bribery and corruption.  Some years back, we learned of the bribery scandal of the Salt Lake City Olympics where members of the IOC were bribed.  Because, it was “understood”, this was how things got done.

Many of you who have traveled internationally and conducted business have likely been exposed, in some manner, to how bribery and corruption are simply how things get done in many, many countries, and nearly all are either socialist, communist or dictatorships.  It’s business as usual.

Now we are hearing a great deal about the Clinton’s, and their Foundation, and how favorable treatment or U.S. policy decisions made during the Hillary Clinton stint as Secretary of State, were preceded by or followed by generous contributions to the Clinton Foundation.

Isn’t this just “business as usual” for Bill and Hillary Clinton?  Can we all agree that they, through their political offices, have learned about “business as usual”, and capitalized on their exposure to the corruption of the governments they’ve dealt with?  That they have learned how business gets done in all these governments, and they have now learned how to exploit it for their own personal gain?

Can we too, all agree on the direction our country will take if Bill and Hillary Clinton have a hand in governing?  Sadly, the heavy handed tactics associated with communism, and socialism is always preceded by bribery and corruption.  While the masses are pacified with getting free education, free healthcare, and government jobs, those who have learned how socialism really works, are already lining up to bribe their way to positions of power.

When the conservatives ask about Hillary’s curious campaign tactics, could it be that Hillary has already begun their “business as usual” tactics?  That perhaps she’s not at all worried about the “election”.  That perhaps, a fix is already in?  We likely won’t know until after Hillary is in the oval office.  Then it will be too late and there will be no going back.   Just something to think (worry?) about.