The pattern repeats itself again and again.  The fake news media, aka, the mainstream media, are so ridiculously anti-Trump, it is absurd to suggest otherwise.  A recent USA Today story on the General Maddis resignation reported, “…Trump increasingly resented the idea that Mattis was viewed as the adult in the room who had to talk to foreign officials about what U.S. policy really was.” officials said.


This is only one example of “officials said”, and in other words, unnamed sources, in other words dreamt up by the writer. The hatred for Donald Trump doesn’t stop. Across the whole spectrum of the liberal media there is unbridled hatred.  Even if the quote was actually said, who was it? An official of which department? Of which party? Of which planet?

It has been pointed out ad nauseam by the conservative media, but these people in fake news really don’t seem to have a conscience. No misquoted quote is too wild, no misstated fact is too over the top. Still today, many ordinary people get their news from TV and the broadcast networks, and the local newspapers that are generally all owned by conglomerate media companies. They hear day in and day out only negative views on whatever President Trump does.  It will only work more and more in Trump’s favor as more and more voters “see” what is really going on.