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Once elected, a representative or senator has an onslaught of special interest and Political Action Committees vying for his/her vote. Immediately begins the strategy for reelection. Immediately begins the fundraising for reelection. Immediately begins the posturing for a reelection campaign. Gone is the sincerity of the campaign, the voice of the constituents. Now the focus becomes power, gaining a powerful committee seat, a chairmanship. No longer a servant of the people, the incumbent becomes a dictator reigning over constituents. Suddenly it’s not what the constituents want, it’s what the incumbent wants. You’ll hear about what’s “good for them”, “best for them”, “best for the country”, when in fact, the incumbent is espousing the position bought and paid for by special interest or the party.

Incumbent Power

Let’s talk about power. We all know that the politicians have all the power. They get elected and once on the “inside”, they learn the rest of what they need to know from other politician about how to stay in power. They learn what special interest and PAC’s will come looking for them to make deals. The deals end with campaign contributions. They learn about the super PACs and how the constituents, the people they are supposed to represent, can be fooled.

They learn that the incumbents have far more power than any popular “would-be” challengers, because if they play the game with the PAC’s and special interest, they’ll have double or triple the campaign war chest of even the most popular of contenders. They learn about the perks and benefits like foreign travel, choice seats at nearly any sports events in their home state. Complimentary goods and services. The “Get out of jail free” card, even exemptions from laws they pass. And all they have to do is “look” like they’re representing their constituents. People who witness that power and lust after that power… those are our new political candidates. With few exceptions either they are already corrupt and want to cash-in, or they are willing to try to change things but are overwhelmed with the corruption and join it rather than fight it.

We know the politicians have all the power and there isn’t anything we can do to change things. Right…? Well maybe not. What power do you have to beat the politicians…?

You Have Your VOTE… !

I know you’ve all heard that before, but how does one vote change anything? One vote doesn’t change much of anything in most elections. But hundreds of votes do. Thousands of votes do. Millions of votes do.

Believe me… you do have the power. The ultimate power. The power to vote out corrupt politicians. And it happens. You have the power to lobby your representatives to vote on your behalf as they are supposed to do. You have the power to reform government!

How can this be… with just one vote…? It can be because you are not alone. Look around. How many people do you see and hear making the same complaints? If they are here and hear the same message and are like minded, your vote is not alone. If each of you is motivated to reform government, that’s how it is done. It is done collectively. All of you here, become a block of votes, when more hear the message their votes and your votes become a movement. Then with more it becomes a powerful movement. And with still more it becomes a majority. A majority that elects people to office. A majority who will reach out to like-minded individuals to run for office and help bring reform to government.