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Washington is full of politicians. What we NEED in Washington is LEGISLATORS. Congress is full of egos and those who have been milking the system and reaping the “rewards” of corruption, or the newer politicians who are fast learning the “system” of taking from the special interest and ignoring their constituents.

Politician are not held accountable either. While in office they are virtually free to do whatever they please. They can basically be a no-show for votes or show up and just abstain. But after learning the “inside” game, their greed will steer them to do the bidding of the special interest and PAC’s. They learn that they will be paid in campaign contributions which will get them re-elected to another term if they play the “inside” game.

We have tried to illustrate numerous times, that voters need to be more aware when they vote. Often there is a detachment that there is no interest or motivation to pay attention to the candidates and what they stand for. Often times, there are voters who enter the voting both just to do their civic duty and really have no idea what will be in store for them after the elected candidates are in office. Many vote the straight party ticket just because they lack the time and energy to research the issues, and the candidates.

Unfortunately, in many cases, there will be little difference in the outcome for the voter due to BOTH candidates will ignore the constituency and vote as their party or special interest dictates. We all need to remember that voting is the opportunity to be heard. You can make your statement with your vote. Although as noted, there won’t always be a candidate to your liking, your awareness can begin to change that. You vote FOR the challenger and AGAINST the incumbent. If we don’t have the candidate we want, the next most important option to make this statement!

The C. A. Morris Institute has determined that the most important change that must take place to reform government is to establish term limits for congress. We need to remove the incentives of staying in office, of doing the bidding of the party and the special interest. Sure there can be political parties, but the parties should not be getting our vote. The candidates should be getting our vote. We elect our legislators to represent us, not their party and certainly not the special interest.

Soon after incumbents are being voted out regularly, the strength of the parties and special interest will be diminished, which will open the door for LEGISLATORS rather than politicians. Your friends and neighbors can have an opportunity to run for congress because the voters will be savvy, knowing that they know how to root out the politicians and replace them with legislators. Replace them with someone who will represent the constituents rather than the party or special interest.

Let this be our approach to begin government reform. Where we find our politicians occupying an office, and not representing us, VOTE FOR THE CHALLENGER, not the incumbent.