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Since Donald Trump has taken office we’ve seen liberals reveal as never before, who they really are.  While on one hand we hear them speaking about tolerance, inclusiveness and building bridges, what they have shown and demonstrated is they are anything but tolerant, inclusive and bridge-builders.

They have shown in the main-stream media the hatred and intolerance of anything that is not part of THEIR agenda.  They have loudly affirmed their hatred and disrespect for Donald Trump.  TV networks, newspapers, the liberal cable news, have held nothing back when it comes to hatred of republicans and Donald Trump.

We’ve seen on campuses, and heard from university faculty their disgust for every campaign promise of Donald Trump.  Their rhetoric has come off the charts, and outrage permeates wherever one looks in main-stream media.  But now we see it so very clearly.  Now we can clearly see the bared teeth and hatred.  It’s been there all along but many voters were just not convinced of who the liberals really are and how they represent so completely, all those liberal ideals which are seen now as anything but desirable.  It’s been made very clear to them now.

One would think that since Obama’s election in 2008 that the steady democratic losses would be a wake-up call to the democrats and liberals.  Steady losses in the house, senate and governorship’s, even state houses.  But the democrats and liberals are in denial.  Rather than learning from their losses, they are now doubling down on their liberal agenda.

They believe that their popular vote win in the presidential election was a mandate to take a stand.  The reality is anyone who was not fully committed to the Democratic Party is now running into the arms of the republicans.  Even Donald Trump can seem level-headed by comparison with some of the unhinged speeches of the democrats, the rage in the words of the liberal newspaper columnists, the hypocritical commentary and spin of the TV journalists, the transparent spite of Hollywood elites mocking republicans and Trump in supposed “humor”.

Not to give the democrats and liberals any advice, but they really need to take a step back and look at what they’re doing!   It is shameful and the voters already see that.  The problem the democrats and liberals are facing now is that because they are so elitist, they can only see what they are surrounded by… elitists!  They therefore have no idea.  They have no idea that they have shut down speech for the other side!  They have turned a deaf ear to anyone who voted for Donald Trump, to anyone who supports any single one of his goals, and to anyone who will defend republicans, Trump, or his agenda.  So I fully believe all of you who now feel disenfranchised by the left-winged media, academia, and unionized labor officials will come out and vote in 2018 and 2020.