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After his election, Donald Trump said he would unify the country.  At this point he has done anything but unify the country.  Of course what we are seeing is the democratic outrage from losing the election, and their attempt sabotage everything President Trump tries to do.

Twitter Storms

First, before President Trump can hope to begin to unify the country, he needs to cease the Twitter storms.  His raging on Twitter, is divisive and childish. His advisers really need to put the pressure on to get that to stop.  He also needs to tone down the bravado too.  He is bringing on more criticism when boasting about himself, and what HE has done.  He really needs to understand the power is in WE and US, rather than I and ME.

Does He Even Know How to Unite the Country?

He doesn’t seem to know or he isn’t interested at this point.  Right now he seems occupied with everything that is not going his way.  I wish I’d seen any sign that he is ready to start unifying the country, unfortunately, no sign yet, but I’m hoping.

In case he doesn’t know where to begin, allow me to offer some suggestions.  First, he needs to sit down with his administration and advisers and cabinet to find the areas where there is common ground.  Some have already suggested infrastructure.  Every state has serious infrastructure needs.  The federal budget could be another.  No one wants to see another deadline where the government runs out of money and raises the debt ceiling, only to kick the can down the road yet again.  It’s time to fix it.  He will need to find those kinds of common ground and list them.  He will need to become the mentor to congress on how to get things done.  Once he has the list of obvious common ground projects, he will need to create an agenda for meeting congressional leadership. He’ll need to draw upon his skills as a leader to plan the agenda that will inspire all the participants..

Then he needs to call the congressional leadership from both the House and Senate, and from both parties to the White House.  He will conduct the meeting again using his skills as a leader to motivate the attendees to follow.  He’ll need to show that working cooperatively with the administration will help every state, the entire country will benefit.  He’ll need to convince them that he will do all he can to make the projects that arise out of this cooperative effort happen.  These initial projects will be the core of the initiative to build trust and motivation to act together.

The leadership team would then turn the projects over to appropriate committees, sub committees etc., to actually do the work to implement the projects with needed legislation.  The leadership team would meet periodically to get updates on the initial projects and add additional projects as they are presented, reviewed and accepted.  This will be the bipartisan effort to build on.  Successful results are imperative.   On time and under budget!