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I have been so pleased to hear Donald Trump and his administration fight back against the liberal biased mainstream media.  While the mainstream media cannot find enough newspaper to print their assaults, or enough network news hours to invent and spin Trump attacks, they ignore real news, and most importantly, they ignore the Trump voters, whose numbers are growing.

The mainstream media are so hysterical over Trump and everything he does, they print and broadcast conjured and contrived stories that offend even the moderate democrats.  Let’s look at reality for a moment.  If all these individuals showing up for the town hall meetings held by republican legislators to protest against Trump, were actually voters in those districts, the republican candidates would never even have been elected!

It serves no useful purpose but to show hysteria just for the cameras.  The result is more and more people are learning what the liberal biased mainstream media is all about.  Maybe they laughed at Steven Colbert jokes about Trump but now the all-out assault from all sides is telling.   People who otherwise never noticed the bias have now sat up to take notice.  While the press is consumed with calling Trump “Hitler” and a “Fascist” people are getting angrier with the press.  But the press is too busy bashing Trump to even notice.  If the liberal biased mainstream media hasn’t noticed their readers and watchers slipping away, they’ll get the message at election time in the same surprising manner as they did in the past presidential election.  Not a surprise to us who see how they only hear their liberal biased Hollywood, academia, and union supporters.